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Energy Update January 2016 – A Year of Inspired Action

by Matt Kahn


The stage has been set. Each character prepared with lifetimes of experience for what is finally a tangible transition into the new 5D energies so many (including myself) have been discussing. For those who didn’t have a chance to read my September 27, 2015 follow-up, a 3-part energy update was written, circulated globally, and remains posted in the articles section of our web site.

While much has opened up throughout the latter parts of 2015, some were unable to feel the newly-expanded vibrations due to the amount of integration that was required in order to fully rewire your energy field in preparation for our emerging times.

As always, I offer these energy updates as a way of providing clarity, so your path can be navigated with love, compassion, inspiration, joy, simplicity, and ease. While I am here to assist you in seeing things differently and reminding you of cosmic options you may have forgotten are available, it is always important to remember that your unique path is always your own. While I may offer these updates as reminders that you are not alone in your awakening symptoms or mysterious patterns of experience, it is never intended to become a replacement for your innate ability to think for yourself. Whatever power I am given, it is my duty, honor, and privilege to apply the polish of unconditional love and return your power to you more shiny, upgraded, and radiant than ever before.

May these words act as a guide throughout a journey that evolves at the rate of your most inspired choices.


In my recent conversation with the Universe, I was told the theme of 2016 is a year of inspired action. It is where beings who have been on what feels like an endless spiritual rollercoaster will finally be able to make the important life decisions that invite a new reality to dawn. On a collective level, 2016 will reveal greater activity on a grassroots level, where communities of awakening beings will begin coming together to address the issues and implementing solutions for the well-being of our planet. It may not be the overnight awakening on a collective level that many await, but it will be a time when we see humanity begin to wake up from its unconscious slumber and step forward in the direction of conscious action. While 2015 seemed to end with much violence and confusion, a different picture is revealed when thinking of the shifts in energy like weather patterns. Just as a hurricane can cause mass destruction to the places it reaches, its purpose is to clear space on the planet for new things to grow. On an internal level, the weather patterns of our emotional bodies have been clearing space individually and collectively in preparation for new energies to emerge from the onset of 2016 and beyond. For some, this space clearing has been physically debilitating. For others, it has been nothing short of emotionally exhausting. Some even had the 2-for-1 combo platter. And yet, there are some who are so out of tune with their innocence that the only way to clear space within themselves is to victimize others.

This does not condone violence in any way. The entire reason we are participating in our own awakening is to accelerate the consciousness of this planet, so all can live as One throughout a global renaissance of spiritual expansion that is closer to actualization than you might think. As always, nothing dwelling within you acts as the cause of why the world acts the way it acts. Instead, you are witnessing injustice and atrocities like spiritual flashcards, where the very mixture of feelings that emanate as a result of what you see reveals the next aspect in line to be nurtured, consoled, and loved as a heart-centered journey of eternal salvation.

May every act of violence inspire you be more kind to yourself and others. May each word you speak be a seed of compassion planted in every heart, instead of bullets of judgment you’ve locked, loaded, and are ready to fire under any given circumstance. Physical violence and emotional cruelty are manifestations of negative energy. The purpose isn’t to turn the darkness into light, but to invite each shadow to remember its true self as the supreme light of all by offering it the loving support it has never received. By loving the pain, sadness, hurt, fear, and anger within you, by no means does it cause you to attract more of the same.

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Instead, we only attract more negativity when it is judged by its appearance or behavior, instead of being rehabilitated in the arms of love.

This also doesn’t mean that you should stay in toxic relationships, aggressive living situations, or unfair work environments as a way of transmuting the shadows in those around you. Instead, the objective is to always place yourself wherever you can be best respected and honored for your talents. From this space of greater safety, life becomes an open-ended opportunity to embrace each aspect of your innocence, no matter what series of events life puts together just to show you what is next in line to be loved instead of judged. Even if there are judgments active within you, perhaps it is merely a more clever invitation to embrace the one who judges, instead of withholding love until the judgments subside.

When we become the ones who change how we treat and relate to the shadow, instead of withholding love until the shadow changes first, an internal shift occurs to melt each aspect of self-sabotage and inner conflict when love is your guide. Whether your world seems to be awakening at an accelerated rate or at a snail’s pace, this moment invites you to repeat out loud the following insight of acceptance:

“I accept that I am only seeing the exact version of the world that is needed to be seen, in order to bring my attention to the aspects of self who deserve to be loved. One moment at a time, may I respond to each atrocity with actions of the opposite vibration throughout my life.”

If you, or someone you know is a victim of theft, what if you responded to that energy with a moment of generosity, whether direct or anonymous? When violence seems to have no regard for the innocence of others, why not respond to that energy by being even more kind and gentle to yourself and others? When world leaders seem to ignore what’s really important, what if you responded to that energy by taking a deeper look at your life to discover the important issues you may be avoiding and implementing greater conscious action than the political characters in view?


For some, it is hard to believe how decluttering your home or finally having a long-awaited conversation of honesty with someone you know has anything to do with resolving the global issues at hand. And yet, when understanding life from an energetic perspective, we recognize the most direct way to shift a collective reality is by raising the vibration of choices made on a personal level. As 2016 honors a year of inspired action, it opens up a brand new portal of infinite possibility. With the opening of this new portal, your most powerful choices that invite peace, harmony, health, balance, and well-being into your life can finally manifest tangible results in your outside world.

For quite some time, powerful changes seemed limited to adjusting the way you see things, or briefly shifting how things feel on an emotional level. With the emergence of 2016, your most incredible choices are capable of bringing to life your most fulfilling reality – once and for all.

Whether you are coming out of a deep phase of integration, are already experiencing a year of inspired action long before 2016 arrived, or find yourself completely disassembled and unaware of the first step to make, each moment acts as an opportunity to return to love – no matter how you feel. Even when you are sick and tired of loving yourself, why not embrace the one who is exhausted?

If you are one who has lost all hope and plagued by insurmountable despair, please watch our YouTube video, “Life’s Eternal Liberator” for further energetic support during this critical stage of awakening. That video in particular will assist you in opening up to love in a pure way when and if the words “I love you” were ever associated with those who said loving words, but then acted in a hurtful or abusive manner.

Also, for a step-by-step guide to opening your heart and discovering the safety that allows your brightest light to shine, my book, “Whatever Arises Love That” was written as an energetically charged owner’s manual for life in the new spiritual paradigm.

May these words inspire you to make one bold new choice on a daily basis, as a way of unraveling blockages of stagnation with newly-circulated energy. One bold new choice at a time, whether inspired by negativity that motivates you to respond with greater conscious choices in your personal life, or merely treating this incarnation as a canvas where your greatest work of art is created through a series of courageous decisions, I honor you as a beacon of eternal light and a unique catalyst of heart-centered consciousness.

On behalf of the Universe, now is the time to shine. The portal is now open for those who no longer wait for the world or others to change, but remember that life can now evolve at the rate in which you are willing to choose differently for yourself. The world exists within you. What you change in your personal life creates a different world over a period of time. This doesn’t mean the actions of the world or individuals you know are due to something out of balance within you. Instead, a world only seems to be the way it is, as a way of inspiring greater conscious action throughout the life of the witness, which in turn, sends out waves of healing energy to transform everything in sight.


You are not the cause of anything you see. You are the conscious solution dwelling in every heart. Rather than look to the global problems you yearn to resolve, I invite you to first return your attention to the worldly affairs of your personal life and dare to make the powerful decisions that bring forth the light for the well-being of all.

As a year of inspired action arrives, 2016 asks you to consider the following question as often as possible: “What am I willing to do differently in order to make today unlike yesterday?”

One new bold choice at a time, including loving the one who is afraid of change or feels unsupported by the Universe, you are delivered across the threshold of victimhood and into the radiance of your long-awaited paradise.

Our time has come, together as One, and in a world of endless questions – love is the only answer.

Many blessings to all,
Matt Kahn

P.S. To purchase your copy or additional copies of Matt’s life-changing book, “Whatever Arises Love That” for friends, family, clients, and neighbors, please follow this link:Whatever Arises Love That

Thank you for helping us spread The Love Revolutionworldwide. May all beings be blessed and transformed by the magnificence of your divine heart space.


© Copyright 2016 True Divine Nature, LLC


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