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Source: Awakening Galactic Culture

In honor of the “2016” New Year, let us contemplate how this “Gregorian” calendar system may affect us personally and planetarily ~

Believe it or not – calendars affect our minds, and therefore our lives…

Calendars are the central instruments of cultural programs.


The Gregorian calendar became the world standard in 1582. Before this point, there were many more cultural calendar traditions than are in use today. Generally speaking, these calendrical lineages were nature-based, highlighting the changing seasons of one’s local lands. Also, these maps of time connected people to their sacred relationship to time, elucidating cycles that united the microcosm of one’s life with the macrocosm of the Universe.

Nowadays, it seems that our sense of time is largely divorced from a connection to Nature’s cycles, and that in many ways we have lost touch with the sacred and magical dimension of time. For the most part, we have been conditioned with a linear sense of time, and have come to accept the emptiness of the 12 Gregorian Calendar months which do little to inspire our connection to the larger Universe.

Where does the Gregorian Calendar come from? What historical programs might be inscribed in it? Is this the best calendar choice for our world? Is this calendar helping us prioritize our human roles as shepherds of the planet? Are its cycles inspiring the awakening of our human potential? Or is it reinforcing that we keep our focus on working, shopping, and paying our bills?

The Gregorian Calendar is sourced in the Vatican Catholic Church, Pope Gregory the 13th, and the earlier calendars of Caesar and the Roman Empire. The mathematical structure of the 12-month calendar does not accurately reflect nature’s harmony, as seen in the erratically numbered 28, 29, 30, 31 day months that normalize irregularity. Likewise, in Gregorian time, we are disassociated from the archaic, sacred meanings of the 7 days of the week, and we blindly accept the misnamed 12 months of the year: Sept = 7 and is the 9th month, Oct = 8 and is the 10th month, Nov = 9 and is the 11th month, Dec = 10 and is the 12th month.

Straddling the globe, everywhere we look – from our cellphones, computers, daytimers, TV, doctor’s offices, prisons, presidential offices, banks, supermarkets, elementary schools – we are all told the day’s “date” in Gregorian terms, “Friday, January 1, 2016,” – but what does that mean? Is it possible there is more to Time than this empty shell?


I have come to the understanding that the Gregorian calendar is simply a socially accepted version of time, one that has become the world standard as a result of violent imposition, Christian colonialism, and historical atrocities. Beyond that, it is obscuring our conscious connection to the higher dimensional order of Time in which ALL is synchronized, including the real time of our own natural rhythms, and the natural rhythms of the Earth we live upon and Universe we dream within.

The ultimate role of a sacred calendar is to guide us with knowledge of the cycles we live amidst, thus illuminating our relationships with all of life, and the inner workings of our human journeys. In this capacity, our modern calendar does not serve us at all. Rather than helping us attune our lives, Dr. Jose Arguelles’ research reveals that the 12-month Gregorian calendar works in conjunction with the 60-minute mechanical clock to generate the “12:60 artificial timing frequency.”

In the artificial time paradigm there is a vibration of scarcity as though we are perpetually in danger of running out of time. Our minutes seem to all be owned by some obligation, some past regret, or future stress… The clock ticks relentlessly, entraining us into the mechanical pulse of the machine. Dr. Jose Arguelles summarized that the essence of the 12:60 timing frequency is the concept: “Time is Money.” This mentality carries an often unconscious vibration of survival fear, and its strategy and mode is to separate and compartmentalize. This mind-set can allow the biosphere’s resources – as well as our own human bodies and life-force – to be perceived solely as material worth to be potentially exploited, rather than respected as interconnected sentient beingness.

This materialist relationship to time imbedded in the 12-month calendar and clock is contrary to the dimension of Natural Time in which all of life – all moments, all beings, all circumstances, are inherently interwoven and synchronized. Natural Time is non-linear and now-centered. Time is understood as an organic symphony of living rhythms; energy; consciousness; infinite possibilities of the unfolding art of beingness; synchronic patterns of fractal aesthetics


In Natural Time, we come to understand the simple yet complex mathematical order that underlies Nature’s cycles, and we gradually re-connect with our inherent, internal sense of timing, grounded in our own terrestrial and cosmic wholeness. We say “Time is Art ~ Life is Art.” We are all here to beautify our shared planet as a living work of Art!

In these unprecedented moments on Earth, we live in a time of great mystery and unknown. We are all called to open to the guidance of Nature and to attune to our deepest center; our internal spiritual guidance; our heart-knowing. In this light,

I propose a 2015 New Time Resolution to practice all year long:

“Transcend the linear confines of mechanical time and free your heart & mind into natural time!”

Living in natural time is a personal study that can be accessed by tracking nature-based calendars, as well as by cultivating a connection to one’s natural, internal rhythms. Likewise, we all have dormant telepathic capacities waiting to be activated. The process of awakening our telepathy is greatly supported by taking one’s attention off the idea of time being located outside of oneself (mistaking “time” for the numbers on a clock or a computer screen) and truly awakening to the understanding that We are the Pulse of Time; Natural Time is a living force within us, its sacred order governs our unfolding as creatures in this Grand Creation. The more we put our attention on following our spirit’s guidance, our heart’s inspiration, and our body’s rhythms, the more we can find we are In The Flow with our own center and in harmony with our web of responsibilities and relations; In Sync…

Ultimately, my intention for this message is to inspire an expanded context in which to perceive the Gregorian calendar and the affects of its time prescription. Rather than giving the 12 month calendar the power of our un-examined allegiance, let us empower ourselves with our sovereign connection to Natural Time which always lives within us as our deepest intuition, and remember that there are countless sacred ways to track and designate the rhythms of our lives.

All of this is not to say one should not celebrate “2016.” The idea of a “New Year” brings an innocent and welcome sense of renewal, something we all seek instinctively – to start again, fresh.

Let us be re-born every day by finding renewed courage to live from our Hearts. May we connect ever more intimately with the sacred dimension of time as the magical synchronizer. As a global culture, may we find pathways to hear and honor the wisdom and clarity of Nature’s rhythms, that we may elevate our human species into harmony with the One Web of Life.



Embracing the Flow of Life

Galactic energy flows continuously, assisting in raising our vibrations. It is a gift that intensifies our potential for more synchronistic moments.

Video Preview: Serendipity


In this Webinar Sheldan explains how we can use this heightened energy to prepare us for full consciousness.

Topics include…

• Awakening to our new energy systems
• Importance of connecting with your I AM Presence
• Adjusting to new perceptions ~ Tuning into the flow of life
• Heart Logic~Honing your intuition
• What the Indigos are teaching us
• Intersecting our human energy with divine energy

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Excerpt from Sheldan Nidle’s book, Your First Contact


Time is meant to embody the very essence of being. It reflects your life energy’s harmonics as well as your individual patterns of work and relaxation.

To explain to your the many intricacies of galactic time, we are pleased to be hosted by Xochtilan (pronounced Shok-tee-lan), a renowned Arcturian timekeeper who last incinerated on your world in the Fourth century A.D. during the classical Mayan civilization. Without further delay, here is Xochtilan.

Thank you, Sandara, for your very kind words.

Time, my dear Lights, is more than the measuring of a day, a month, or a year. It is a sacred cycle of your holy Mother Earth and of you, her sacred caretakers. It is also a tool by which you can follow time’s divine behavior ~~ one that attunes each of you to the great unfolding of physical Creation. All sentient societies in this galaxy have instituted calendars to measure the natural cycles of this galaxy and of our home worlds. They are the measure of our home-worlds’ essence and of how the Creator has expressed it to us.

20150523 093246

The traditional Mayan calendar was a modified form of galactic calendar that ancient Arcturian timekeepers originally assigned to this solar system during the first days of Lemuria. The Atlanteans modified it for their own despicable purposes. More than three millennia ago, galactic Mayan timekeepers from the star system Maya in the Pleiades resorted this calendar to its magnificence. Your galactic society will employ a slightly adjusted version of that calendar.

This modified galactic calendar is a special earthly time device based on the traditional Mayan Haab or solar year calendar. It has eighteen months of twenty days each plus an additional ending period of five days. The change in this calendar is repressed by a unique k’in count and a first (or New Year’s) day that your present Gregorian calendar expresses as July 26th. Within this calendar is the Tzolk’in (the sacred calendar of the ancient Maya)….

shutterstock 91610672

…. As previously noted, the starting point of the galactic Haab (solar day calendar) is New year’s Day, your July 26th. It honors the star that represents the Sirians who originally guided you to Earth. On galactic New Year’s Day, the star Sirius greets the Lord Sun as he begins a new day, rising above the Pyramid of the serpent, at Chichen Itza.

This act commemorates the sacred inception of you galactic culture in the now lost lands of Lemuria. It also represents the beginning that many celestial Beings gave to the destroyed cultures of Earth after Atlantis’ destruction. Additionally, July 26th symbolizes Sirius’ encounter with the rising Sun over Mount Haleakala on Maui (‘the Hour os the Sun’ in Hawaiian). In this fashion, the sacred links among past, present, and future in your historical process are duly noted and graciously acknowledged. ……

…. More than a mere measuring device, time (in and of itself) is a precious key to the vast creation that is the physical universe. Therefore, one of the major sectors that watch over the physical universe is the local Orders of Tim Lord. The Orders of Time Lorad are so called because time, as we see it, is one the ‘secrets’ of Physical Creation. It is the vast, endless pulse that has made all things possible. According to an ancient Arcturian proverb about Creation,

“The Orders of Time Lord created the great pulse of time. From this great pulse came Light. From this great Light came Love, the Creation energy of Light. Out of this Light of Love came all of Creation.”

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