WATCH: How we won 2015

The past few months have been both challenging and inspiring for progressive activists. When you work for social justice, equality, and peace, you never get a break and you’re always in the middle of an important grassroots fight. So it’s easy to forget the progress you’ve made and how far you’ve come, even just a few weeks or months after a significant achievement or pivotal moment.

But let’s not forget: 2015 has been an amazing, groundbreaking year for CREDO Action and the 3.9 million members who led us to some of the most important progressive victories in our 30-year history.

We’ve put together a video, and an essay on Medium, looking back at just how much we accomplished in 2015. Please take a moment to watch, read and share with your friends.

Watch the video and read our essay on the historic victories and groundbreaking progressive campaigns you made happen in 2015. Then share it with friends.

As much as we love a good pat on the back, this isn’t just an exercise in self congratulations. This is about making it crystal clear just how important and effective progressive grassroots activism can be.

Make no mistake: Without a mobilized progressive movement, with CREDO activists often on the front lines, Keystone XL would be alive, a historic peace deal Iran would be dead, Net Neutrality would be an idea instead of the law, and millions of women would be without critical health services from Planned Parenthood clinics across the country.

That’s a message your friends – especially the ones who agree with our causes but haven’t yet stepped up to be a CREDO activist or customer – need to hear.

Take a moment to see just how much we accomplished in 2015, and then spread the word.

Thank you for everything you’ve done this year.

Wishing you safe and happy holidays,

Murshed, Elijah, Heidi, Josh, Jordan, Mark R., Mark N., Ari, Colin, Shant and Carrie
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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