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In this month’s featured video, Eckhart describes the reciprocal transformation that can unfold when we truly commune with nature, and teaches us that being in nature can nourish and heal the soul, helping you to realign yourself with stillness. Kim guides us through a meditation for experiencing our life force energy through the inner body…WATCH
The Top 10 Pass it On Videos of 2015!
What do a dog, karma, the ego and the secret of life have in common? Find out in the Top 10 Most Watched Pass it On videos of 2015…View more
Balancing Form and
Essence Identity
Can you speak about reactivity?
Eckhart talks about the essential identity that we all share, how realizing this… Counsel in making the choice to react or allow.
Science & Consciousness Vigilance
Eckhart speaks with scientist and author Lothar Schäfer An inspirational talk on the faculty that Eckhart calls vigilance…
Divine Dissatisfaction
By Steve Taylor
In his book, The Calm Center, Steve Taylor’s powerful meditations and poetic reflections will comfort and inspire. His piece, Divine Dissatisfaction, is one of his more meaningful works that will gently lead you towards the joy of your true, essential, and authentic selfs…View more
Pass it on Community Clips
Eckhart Tolle Now allows members to create and share Eckhart video clips. Each month we share new Community Clips.
Pass it on December’s Pick
Description: Eckhart explains how we can practice presence and stay present during conversations with other people. Can we listen without thinking from an aware space of consciousness? We may talk less, and listen more.
There is Only One Teaching
Sarah has listened to many spiritual teachers, and she has found, as Eckhart says, that there is only one teaching. His words resonated with her, even in her darkest moments. When her freelance rollercoaster went into freefall, his teachings became more important than ever to Sarah. This is her story…Read more
Kim in Practice: The Peace in Presence
In exploring how to find the wonderful experience of peace, it often is necessary to step away from the thinking mind. This month, Kim Eng teaches us about how she connects to stillness by letting go of the need to talk… Read more
The Peace That Passes All Understanding
By Eckhart Tolle
Suddenly and inexplicably, anguish fear can give way to a sacred sense of Presence, a deep peace and serenity and complete freedom from fear. How can we feel such peace…Read More
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