You know those moments when time stands still?

Perhaps you’ve felt it, maybe during meditation, or in a trance, or when you lose yourself in service to a cause much greater than yourself. These are magical moments, the kind we all live for.

This solstice, we will be joining together to celebrate World Spirit Day on December 21st. Join us and we will show the world that love is greater than fear. Sign up here and we will unify together in moment of global synchronized meditation.
And, after our global synchronized meditation, we invite you to continue the journey. Night time dreaming is one of our most potent resources for inspiration and growth. UNIFY is excited to collaborate with Anthony Colombo at Dreamspace for the first ever Vibrant Planet Global Dream In. Join the livestream and learn tools to help you access deeper levels of your inner wisdom and to bring your personal intentions to life. Invite your friends and join us by clicking here.
At UNIFY, we believe those moments of transcendence- through meditation and social action- can transform our world. And the rest of the world is seeing this, too.
As you know, the recent Paris Climate talks reached a historic agreement, with 196 countries joining together and heeding our unified global call for 100% renewable energy. A great victory, yes, but our work is still not done. On December 19th (#D19), our brothers and sisters in world change are helping to organize the Billion Person March. Wherever you are in the world, you can participate on #D19; whether you want to hand out flowers in the center of your city or organize a meditation in your home or nearby park. When a billion people come together to stand for a new compassionate world, anything can happen. Join the Billion Person March by clicking here.
Unified, we are changing the world.
Thank you for being in our tribe.

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