After intense negotiations, protests, marches and prayers from around the world, the final draft of what some say is an “ambitious, global climate change agreement” was formally accepted today at the UN Climate Summit.

While it is just the beginning, this level of global acceptance marks a grand turning point with all world nations now committed to playing its part to help shift the perilous reflections of a vastly changing climate.

We called for a great surge of divine intervening support to assist this historical meeting of global leaders. Let’s take a sincere moment now to give deep gratitude to this greater intelligence for inspiring the highest levels of cooperation and solution possible in this next phase of the planetary climate crisis.

Thank you everyone for your participation, prayers, invocations and positive energy that has been so very influential to the success of the COP21 Conference in Paris. Love + unity is the turning key.

The real work is now before us.
Let’s keep our momentum building in all that we are doing for continued solutions and greater levels of acceptance, cooperation and adaptation to renewable forms of energy and sustainable livelihoods for all people on Earth.

God Bless Humanity.


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