Current and upcoming Gaiafield events

Tuesday December 8
5pm PT/8pm ET
A free virtual event featuring David T. Nicol in dialogue with Philip Hellmich
7 week online course
Starts January 19, 2016
Upcoming events from Gaiafield Allies
Wednesday Dec 9
A free virtual event featuring peace building activists Philip Hellmich and Emily Hine
Synchronized Meditation in the Amplifield for Climate Change Conference
Friday December 11
8am Pacific
Saturday December 12
Global Meditation to raise the vibration of the planet
Free event with Sandra Ingerman
Wednesday December 16

Climate Change, ISIS, Mass Species Extinction, Population Growth….Crises Calling for a Planetary Awakening?
Tuesday December 8, 5pm Pacific
As the symptoms of a multi-faceted global crisis continue to mount, it is clear that the standard tools of the Western Enlightenment – rationality, science, liberalism – are by themselves insufficient to meet the challenges we face. It is only through a radical re-awakening of the modern mind and heart to the sacred dimensions of nature and cosmos that a truly effective way forward will be found.”
Join me in dialogue with Philip Hellmich, Director of Peace at the Shift Network, for a provocative discussion about how our multidimensional global crisis can serve as a catalyst for the emergence of a true planetary wisdom culture. I will also introduce details about my upcoming Subtle Activist Training, which offers a way for participants to co-create a potent field of group synergy as a vehicle for profound individual and collective transformation.
Blessings of Peace,
David, for the Gaiafield Council
The Gaiafield Project
California 94708

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