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Greetings from Galactic Heart. . . .

What’s the latest on Ascension symptoms?

August was powerful with so many astrological events. September was integrating the energies of August. In comes November with more activations and body aches and pains.

For me personally, November was all about balance~walking into walls, strange headaches, leg weakness and tingling, shoulder and neck pain revisited along with problems swallowing ~ literally some days I choked on my own saliva (thank Heaven that’s over). On two days for hours all I could do was sit up in my bed with my eyes closed. Spirit wanted me to just be with my Self ~ no visual or audio stimulus. Every time I opened my eyes, my eyelids involuntarily closed. Actually it was a pretty sweet experience…very peaceful, very zenlike.*


Another ascension symptom: Several times during the month of November (and today), Sheldan and I had the shivers. For the entire day Sheldan could not get warm. The next day I couldn’t get warm. We drank ginger tea which felt good but did not take away the shivers. Many people emailed us reporting the same symptoms.

Often when I close my eyes, I experience a sequence of faces coming into view and fading away while another face appears. Some of the faces I recognize and some I do not recognize. I don’t know what it means but I find it interesting and pleasant ~ cared for in some beautiful way.

Other times, as soon as I close my eyes before going to sleep, I will receive a slew of sacred geometric symbols. I simply open my heart and allow the message to come through. Again, this is a fun one. Remember our Light body process is not linear. Several of my friends experience this one too.

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Oh and did I mention….where did my brain go. Some days I could not put together a sentence for the life of me or remember simple things like my bank pin number which I use every day. And time, we thought time was speeding up before….it is “insane” lately. I can’t believe it is December 2015….it feels like it should be June or maybe July 2015. All I can do is laugh. Earlier today i sent a posting reminding us to become more childlike and do the things that make us feel good and that bring us joy. For children time really doesn’t exist…they don’t have time schedules like adults seem to have. I often remind myself: “You have all the time you need.”

As we are dropping density, using the violet flame of transmutation is a miracle worker. Use it several times a day. See it pouring into your physical body and filling it up. Then bring it through the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies separately. Keeping your space energetically clean is essential ~~ not only because you are transmuting and dropping density, but because everyone on the planet is transmuting also.

Hope this missive helps you know you are not alone. We are living in exciting times.

Selamat Ja!

*One way to think of zen is this: a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being. It also is a state of mind. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts.



Considering the extent of cabal corruption on Earth, many wonder why Gaia became the object of the Galactics’ attention and concern.


In this Webinar, Sheldan examines the reasons Gaia came to be a key to this Galaxy’s shift in consciousness.

Topics include…

• Why Earth/Gaia is a key water planet in this galaxy 
• Why Earth/Gaia? Considering the levels of cabal
corruption, why did Heaven choose us?

The Gaia Cetacean Human Connection
• Gaia and Humans I: Together, we are
raising each other’s vibrations
• Gaia and Humans II: Why are we
almost ready for first contact?
• Gaia’s Secret Sacred Societies 
• Gaia’s Earth Allies 
• What are our current roles as lightworkers/starseeds?
• Gaia: a pristine and exquisite new world after the landings

For Free Webinar Preview: Why Gaia?

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We Walk Wide-Open Into NEW Earth Existence

from Lisa Transcendence Brown (Ithara)


Yesterday was BEYOND POWERFUL and it’s going to continue INCREASING daily now. I will be sharing daily where I can, updating on energies, writing to assist and working to guide through the massive waves and blasts of cosmic love, light and liquid energy activations that occur all throughout every day now.

These CRYSTALLINE activations are running through the physical LightBody at high intensity now. The more present, aware and assisting you are, the easier it is. If you are just coming into your LightBody activations, then it is a beyond challenging ride. If you’ve been holding, anchoring and merging light intentionally as it comes through you and walking on NEW Earth for awhile, it’s very easy and just an awareness and honoring process. Purification is HARSH on the carbon-based human body systems, yet every one of us came here to transcend old programs from within. This is a HUGELY INTRICATE PROCESS that is simple when understood and in no way conforms to old limited belief systems. Not ONE THING that you/we THOUGHT WE KNEW applies here.

The KNOWLEDGE OF ALL OF THIS is inside of everyone of us. The challenging part is trusting, learning to understand and RE-PROGRAMMING EVERYTHING, proving to yourself that all will be okay by trusting that which is not visible and DOING WHAT IT TAKES.


Your own higher self aspects are here to guide and assist you and emerge from within your physical body vessel. The human aspect does not like to give up control, wants it to be “their way”. That’s not how this journey is done.

Separation goes. Every ounce of it. Not one bit left. Open up loves. WE walk wide-open into NEW Earth Existences.

Everything you’ve ever desired comes forth as you embrace, let go and honor all from within. I love you!

Today’s energies are running through the cells and upgrading our consciousness strongly subtly and we are charging, aligning, loading new programs, continually getting ready for whats next. Every part of the body is being worked daily now. It’s a very physical experience for all. Lots of star-particles and crystalline movement huge! ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown (Ithara)

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