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Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

First thing this morning, I was guided to this message from Metatron regarding how to perceive and balance international conflict. My heart welled up with Love for it is exactly the message I have been receiving over and over from my Higher Self during meditation. Thank you Metatron for this loving, powerful message and suggestions on how to raise our vibrations so we can do our individual part for the good of the whole. We are here to transform the old paradigm and usher in our new galactic reality. So be it.

Selamat Ja!


How To Perceive and Balance International Conflict

Message from Metatron thru Christmas Mager


Everything is unfolding according to Divine Plan. All existing wars are balancing out karma between nations. But the individuals in these nations must also refuse to allow their countries to continue with war. Peace always begins within the Self. Peace will spread as each individual becomes peaceful even in the face of great violence. Ask the Light Beings to send forth their love and light anywhere you wish. Use the image of the Vesica Pisces to unite the three suns – your own Sun Presence with the Great Central Sun and the Sun in the heart of the earth. You are the center of your universe.

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• Relearning how we perceive ourselves

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