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Imagine what 100,000 people meditating on Love, Peace and Light can do…
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In just a few days, something amazing is going to happen…

Picture it: Our brothers and sisters atNaam Yoga are bringing together 30,000 people in the heart of Mexico City, with the shared intention of elevating the consciousness of our world and healing of our planet.
And it doesn’t end there- 70,000 more people, from all corners of the globe, are expected to join online.And we want you to join in, too.Imagine what is possible when 100,000 people, from all around the world, join together with single focus of love, light, and healing our world.

Day in and day out, we see the pain and suffering of our sisters and brothers all around the world. Our hearts are broken. Our communities are fractured. In so many ways, we are in a crisis of disconnection. But it need not be that way.
Jacob Devaney, of Uplift Connect, speaks to how this potent moment in history is helping to decide our future collectively. Read more about the crossroads human is facing, by clicking here. 
On November 29th, 100,000 people will be coming together to focus on creating love, peace and light in our world. The energetic impact of such a global gathering will send out waves of peace and love, helping to raise the vibration and speed up the healing of our planet.
Join us, and see the reach of our global gathering. Our UNIFY Map allows organizers and meditators from around the world to share their event, and with each event posted, we see our interconnectedness grow.
It is easy to organize a Love Peace Light to All event. You can join the livestream on your own, or bring your friends and family together for a viewing party. Sign up here!The pain of Paris, Beirut, Syria, Kenya and so many other tragedies can be overwhelming. And, it can also be an opportunity, a wake up call, that we must be the change we want to see in the world.
Will you be with us, on November 29th?  We need you, and the world needs you, there.No matter where you are, you can participate.Sign up here.Join us for this healing celebration of life.

See you there!

Your UNIFY Team


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