Dear Thrive Movement,
It’s election season here in North America, and holiday conversations tend to get spicy as people share their different ideas about how to get from here to a better world. Clearly that’s what most people are after- most just don’t agree on how to accomplish it.
What makes it even more challenging is that we’re not even clear on the terms we use to describe our various positions. This isn’t just semantics. There is extensive historical context to these terms that warrants our attention.

Knowing what we are talking about could save our lives.   Whether you plan to vote or not, we encourage you to read Foster’s latest blog and bring new clarity and fruitfulness to your conversations during the holidays and beyond.

Defining Politics
Join us in the ThriveTogether think tank on December 12th for our next live event, an intimate conversation with two cutting edge pioneers who have been dear friends and colleagues since the late 90s.
Nassim and Foster will share useful and hilarious stories of their early struggles in shifting the paradigms of science and philosophy, their first secret energy lab and the early brainstorm sessions that led to their game-changing films BLACK WHOLE and THRIVE.
We’ll invite your own questions and insights as both Nassim and Foster offer you their visions of the challenges and breakthroughs in store for humanity over the next 50 years. Find out more HERE.
Toward a thriving world,
Foster, Kimberly and The THRIVE Team 
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