Can you believe- it’s been almost two months since we came together for International Peace Day?
Over 1,400 communities and Peace Day events were registered on our UNIFY Map, making Peace Weekend 2015 the largest one yet.And- we’re excited for some amazing events to come.
In 2016, we’ll be expanding our work to include celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th, among many other exciting events to come.
And, as we plan for the future, we feel the suffering happening all around our world right now: Paris, Beirut, Syria. The hurt and pain can be overwhelming. We know that it can feel impossible to escape and nearly hopeless to change.And yet.Mystics and wise teachers tell us that we can transform the darkness with our own light.
Our brothers and sisters at Naam Yoga are doing just that. They are bringing over 30,000 people  in the heart of Mexico City to heal and uplift our planet.
Last year, they gathered 21,000 people in Mexico City, creating one of the world’s largest yoga and meditation events.And there’s more.
There is data that suggests that Superclasses like these- and the one happening this November 29th, in Mexico City, have the power to change the world.  Change agents, just like you, will be coming together, committed to uplifting our planet.
Check out Love Peace Light To All’s Video here.
Join us.  We will gather on November 29th 8:30am Central. Join us in Mexico City, or join the livestream from wherever you are, by Clicking Here.

Dark times are an opportunity to shine and amplify our own light. Remember- It takes a single candle to light up the whole room.Join us, and together we will illuminate our whole world.
See you there!Your UNIFY Team

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