In March of 2000, a secret law was passed by Congress, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NASARA). The benefits of this law are:

1) Abolishment of the IRS and income taxes;
2) Establishment of the U.S. Treasury Bank System, with new currency backed by precious metals, and absorption of the Federal Reserve System in to the U.S. Treasury Department;
3) Restoration of Constitutional Law;
4) Bank debt forgiveness of credit card debts and debt relief to American citizens of bank mortgage and other debts;
5) Removal of the current government administration and new elections to provide a clean slate on which to base our country’s future;
6) New prosperity options for American citizens;
7) Expansion of these benefits to other countries around the world;
8) and many more direct and indirect benefits

Listen first to the beginning of the video before surching on the internet for Nesara…you´ll understand why :)))


For bringing this information a bit closer to ones own creatorship in terms of an outside reflection, and not focussing on a simingly outside polarity of black and white, we can see all what´s written out as NESARA as a reality, which is already available. It´s only hidden by our common focus on denial of it, through the focus of doubt, lack, fear, right/wrong, bad/good, not possible and so on. Let´s see what happens when we focus on the abundance and peace of NESARA as a reality that is already !!! May be it´s only the outlined denial which keeps it hidden in form of delays…..We are abundant, powerful and in peace …and we pretend we are not !!!… Let´s try with  this !!! Arya

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