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Today I’ve been looking for my brain and it seems to be no where to be found ~ lol. I can’t complete sentences. I can’t remember simple things like my computer password which I use many times every day. I’m having Starseed Moments ~ that’s what I call it because it is fun and let’s me accept it, enjoy it and love it. After all I’m becoming a Galactic Human.


Earlier today I was at Starbucks getting a chai. My barista asked if I wanted my usual and I must have looked at him as though I didn’t understand because he said “earth to Colleen”. Oh yes, the usual. I proceeded to tell him that my brain seems to be off line. We laughed as he told me that I am not his only customer who was having difficulty today.

I told him that on some days it is so bad I can’t remember my password for my computer which I type in many times each day. He leaned in, as if to whisper and told me that lately he’s been having that same problem and he is 21 years young. He said it makes him uncomfortable. Conclusion: it is an ascension symptom (having a Starseed moment) and not age related. We had a good laugh.

As you all know by now, Matt Kahn is a favorite of mine. When I feel off center, I listen to Matt and walla~~I’m balanced again. Today I’m sharing two videos. That’s about all the energy I have. Enjoy!

Keep shining your Light bright,


Pleiadeans and Our Galactic Future ~~ now ready for downloading …

The Pleiadeans played, and are playing, a key role in the future of GAIA and Humanity.

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This Webinar will reveal why they originally came here and how they will help us all to become galactic humans.

Topics include…

• Pleiades ~ The Seven Sisters of Taurus .
• Origins ~ Their link to Andromeda and Lyra
• Pleiadean Ships ~ Their fleet as it looks today
• 12 Clans of the Pleiades
• Gaia’s History: Galactic wars, the Anunnaki and more
• Pleiadeans’ role in the Galactic Federation 
• Our joint Galactic Future

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Truth about SOUL CONTRACTS~Twin Flames and Soul Mates

Video from Matt Kahn

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 6.26.16 PM


Video from Matt Kahn

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 6.17.38 PM
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