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Announcing the Global CE-5 Initiative !
Reach out to the Stars!
We are happy to announce the Global CE-5 Initiative Day on The first Saturday of each month.  Join others world wide who want to unite in consciousness to reach out to the stars in Universal Peace.
Thousands around the globe have already formed contact groups.
Now is the time to magnify global coherence by all of us coming together in higher consciousness in a way that can move the world and humanity onto the path of Universal Peace. Get together with your existing group, or form a group of your own to reach out to the ETs with your intent for peaceful contact.
Imagine each individual or group as a light shining from Earth into the Cosmos – all on the same day around the globe.   The earth will be glowing!
If you want to form a group you can go to our free website/app – and put in your name and contact information.  If you don’t want to use your usual email , create a special email address just for this purpose and then you can form a group with others nearby.  If you do not put some form of contact information, no one will be able to reach you.
Let’s start on Saturday November 7, then Saturday December 5 and move into 2016.
We will send out a reminder each month.
If you wish, share your experiences on the facebook page : SiriusDisclosure (formerly Sirius:TheMovie).
Some Ideas people have brought up:
Time to go out:   Usually CE-5 groups go out between 8 pm and 1 am on their time zone.
We did not want to specify a time so that people would have flexibility for their various situations but between those times it is usually dark and its not too late.
The basics are the tones (available on the apps or from the CD in the working group kit) and the coherent thought sequencing meditation.  (Also on the app or in the Hidden Truth book or CD).
Warm clothes and something comfortable to sit on.
Take lasers if you wish,  but make sure it is legal where you are and that you use them in a safe manner.
Nightscopes or binoculars are useful.
For those more advanced you may want a good trifield meter (set to the 0 -3 scale)  to detect electronic anomalies and a battery operated radar detector.
The most important thing is the spirit of Universal Peace with which you and your group approach the event.
You may want to go to the website and read Dr. Greer’s papers on :
To understand phenomenon you may be seeing you may want to read:
If you want ideas about how to make contact or how to form your own group you may want to use these tools:
Iphone or Android app – a full training program on what to look for, how to make contact and more.   Click here for a more complete description but go to your app store to purchase – ETContact Tool.
We have a comprehensive program including Dr. Greer’s books and CDs called the : Contact Training Program.  Click here for the details about it.
You may also want to watch some of our videos: Crossing Point of Light or the Glendale webinar available on our vimeo or via youtube:
“And so it is that we must look to our inner reality to find not only our oneness with our fellow humans, but our oneness with other intelligent life in the universe as well. While ephemeral differences may confound us, our essential oneness in consciousness will never fail us. For there is one universe inhabited by one people, and we are they.”
from Dr. Greer’s paper – One Universe – One People
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