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The Galactic Federation Med Teams and our Ascended Masters are here to help. During the webinar, they will provide an energy transmission to balance your fields so you can begin living at your optimal potential. The purpose of this energy transmission will be to connect you with your inner guidance and strengthen your connection to the Divine plan that is unfolding before our very eyes.

Join us for a most powerful webinar energy transmission.

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Some comments from webinar attendees:

Sheldan and Colleen: We loved, loved this webinar. Our Galactic Family came through with such reassurance, uplifting messages and bundles of love. Thank you, Tazz and Virgil

What a wonderful webinar! I watched waves of energy enter the room as I watched. Wonderful. Dr. A

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Sheldan will explain how these energies are catapulting us into a new paradigm.

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Topics include…

• How the Galactic Core Energies are affecting us
• Gaia’s current ascension symptoms – mini-Earth changes
• How the reality shift is affecting us
• The Galactic option – the New You and prosperity
• NESARA: how we will celebrate our new freedom
• Our actions can help (the Universe rewards action!)

Thursday, October 22, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. PDT

Talk to Sheldan Live…simply by using your home computer
(After the Webinar, Sheldan will answer your questions)

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Cost: $15.00 U.S.


Integration, Introspection and clearing – Sanat Kumara

by Jenny Schlitz


You have all just commenced a period of intense integration, introspection, and clearing. We understand that this has been a most trying time and applaud how well you have done. All that is taking place is preparing you for the evolutionary jump you will make at the end of this month (September into October).

We ask that you take a step back and look at what has been occurring. What themes are arising? What areas were brought to the forefront that you felt you had healed before? These are very important for you to make note of and then consciously move beyond. If you feel that you are stuck in a behavioral or thought pattern, it is you who must consciously choose to do different. With each step in unfamiliar territory you unravel the programming that has held you trapped for so long. This is not an easy task as you must be fully present and aware. You must see each interaction as an opportunity to either stay the course or to choose different. As you start to choose different, you will then see your interactions, your relations with others and yourself begins to change. You will find more joy in the smaller things as a confirmation that you are indeed creating exactly the reality you want.

Many feel frustrated as they feel they are going in circles, working on the same issues again and again. Understand that it takes much to unravel programming that was instilled in you from the moment you were born. You will heal and unravel each layer as soon as you are ready to heal and acknowledge it. With this you will see your understanding deepen and your love of the process grow as well. Understand that what is ready to be exposed and worked through now is but one layer of the deeper programming. Do not become discouraged and feel that your work is for nothing, as with each layer you release you make room to embody your highest aspect.

Some of you have been taking part in a deep integration period. A merging if you will of selves, aspects of yourself, even themes such as the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine. Some will even find that they are merging aspects of self that are not part of your experience on earth, these are to show you your incredible potential and multidimensional abilities. Many of you feel that you are in a deep well looking up at the light, your entire scope of reference is only the opening above and what has come into your view to be seen. It is now that we ask you to stretch yourselves, release your limitations and realize that their is an entire world around the hole of the well. It is you who must believe in order to access it. Every time you release your fears, your limitations, your beliefs that no longer serve, and your fear of loving yourself completely, the view to the top becomes closer and closer. It is you who hold the key to releasing yourself from the darkness surrounding you. It is you who has the power to transform all around you by simply being in a state of love for all around you, but especially for yourself. Self love and empowerment has never been more important than it is at this time.


It is for this reason many of you have felt a resurgence of self defeating behaviors, thoughts, and patterns. These hold no place in the light and must be moved through. You must understand that what you think of you create in your outer reality. This is why when you feel beautiful and happy you look in the mirror and it reflects this. You are able to see the light shine through regardless of the circumstances. Some of you may be feeling the urge to reconnect with past relationships or situations that have caused you pain. These are surfacing so that you can see the lesson it was meant to teach you and for you to choose what is in your highest good. Understand that you are at a cross roads, you can continue to do what you have always done or you can thank the experience, the lessons it taught you and consciously choose different.

Choose to leave the fear, the doubt, the self condemnation and lack behind. For those that feel stuck, become the observer and take note of how you react, feel and think in your daily life. If it is something that you want to change, you must then consciously choose to react, feel and think differently. Each step you take in another direction is supported fully by the universe, as your belief in yourself grows, so too do the opportunities before you.

We are very encouraged by the progress being made, more of you have breached the barrier to the 5th dimension and will continue onward as you begin to merge with your highest aspect. Others are working on clearing all that no longer serves and others are just beginning to awaken. As each of you grows and changes within, so too will the outer world that surrounds you. Keep progressing and know that you are deeply loved.


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