October 20, 2015 by John Smallman

Me: Good evening Dear Jesus. Thank you very much for your last message, what do you have for me tonight?

Jesus: And a very good evening to you as well, John. Change is in the air, can’t you feel it?

Me: I’m not very good at feeling! So, I’m hopeful, because of what others are saying, and I have a sense that “all manner of things will be well.” And then I read the mainstream media and learn about all the suffering – floods and mudslides in the Philippines, destruction of homes and families in Syria, thousands of migrants making their way to Europe in desperation – on and on. I send love, I think I intend, but it all seems so hopeless as those “in charge” seem set on military responses to these ongoing “problems,” problems from which they are very securely separated! Yes, they talk of humanitarian responses, but they only seem to be able to conceive of military might to contain and control the frightful situations for which it would seem they are largely responsible. And how many thousands of times has that been unsuccessfully tried? As the song goes “When will they ever learn?”

Jesus: Yes, the mainstream media reports are not encouraging. But underneath and behind the scenes much is happening that will bring essential changes for the benefit of all. Keep on intending to send love to all – not only to those who are suffering but also to sadistic and violent criminals and dictators – because all are being seriously influenced by the Tsunami of Love that has enveloped the planet since late in 2012, and the divine plan is for all awaken. God is not complete without even one of His children. There is not one that He does not Love infinitely and eternally. Some are just more confused and seemingly separated from His Love than most.

Seek the good news that the alternate media are reporting, there is a LOT of it! Then relax into your inner self, your own personal altar, tabernacle, or sanctuary, and be Love! That is your true nature, and if you intend to operate through It instead of through your ego your intentions are extraordinarily effective. Love is All, engage with It and change not only yourself, but also the world. Enormous numbers of you are doing that and it truly is extremely effective. KNOW that the intent of the collective has changed from fear and doubt to hope and optimism, and that that intent is strengthening in every moment. There is Light ahead, so focus your vision there as you move into It.

As I, and many others, keep telling you, you are not alone, abandoned, adrift in an ocean of danger and despair. You are just momentarily asleep and dreaming, sometimes horrific dreams, but, nevertheless, you are close to your inevitable awakening. The dream has lasted far longer than you intended when you chose to experience separation from our divine Source, and it is drawing to a close. Deep within yourselves, but mostly hidden from you because of your frequent choices to be unloving and self-centered, you know that the lives you are experiencing in the illusory world you built are unreal, despite the pain they have caused you. That pain, like time, like the illusion, is unreal, and when you awaken it will be as though it never happened . . . because, in truth, it never did!

You are all the divine and beloved children of God, created in Love for eternal joy, and nothing has or ever can change that because there is nowhere except the Presence of God, Heaven, your eternal Home, where you reside permanently and without interruption. When you awaken it will be as though you had never left, because you never have.

That is very hard for you to conceive of, let alone believe, as you wander, seemingly lost, within the intimidating and frightening maze that is the illusion that you built with such skill. You have incredible skills, you just used them rather unwisely when you built the illusion, but illusions, by their very nature, do not last. They fade away, and all that occurred within them is quickly forgotten, because what is unreal cannot be remembered for more than a very brief moment. You will barely have time to think “isn’t this amazing, and wasn’t that utterly insane, how could we have believed it was true?” as you awaken into Reality, and the joy and wonder with which It presents you, and all that was the illusion rapidly dissolves and is totally forgotten, because you do not need memories, especially ones like these, in the eternal now.

Go daily within, seek the peace that that holy place provides, make a point of rejoicing because you are soon (that unfortunate and much misunderstood word comes up yet again!) to awaken into the brilliant Light of God’s divine Presence and know It once more as your eternal Home.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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