October 8, 2015

Beloved Ones,

I want to have discourse on the quality of love known as stillness. Stillness means sitting in solitude and finding peace within. In that deep place of silence and stillness, one discovers they can access inner peace, inner happiness and inspiration which they can take with them back into their external world as personal renewal and rejuvenation. Employing this quality is a way to allow one’s mind and body to stay still long enough to honour one’s inner voice that is always loving, peaceful, gentle, and alert. It is each individual’s choice to pay attention to it, to nurture it and to sit daily within it. The wisdom, insight and clarity it brings them is always available for them whenever they need it. It is important that they return to this place of stillness each day for replenishment and nurturing. Each individual can enhance the quality of their lives simply by creating silence and stillness to enjoy little moments of rest for their senses and their souls. This daily practice can be their portal into an expansive peace.

The practice of stillness is something very invaluable. One can sit outside and enjoy the sun as a way of accessing it. This is a time when one can daydream or remember the beautiful experiences they have had during the day. When one can find quiet and beautiful places close to nature where they can spend a few minutes, an hour or even a day alone in solitude and stillness, it is very grounding and healing to one’s soul.One can experience feelings of balance, connection, and of being grounded and in the flow of Earth’s energies. The Earth in turn, resonates with them, bringing their being into a state of greater coherence. When grounded, their human system can operate more efficiently and harmoniously. One can access the Earth’s stabilizing electromagnetic energy by being barefoot as they touch the ground which creates grounding into the Earth and in this way they can enjoy an increase in their vitality, health and wellbeing. This is a truth that the ancients knew well. This practice assists one to enjoy a prolonged and healthy lifespan and deeper moments of stillness.

When one takes the time to be in stillness, they can know with certainty the most appropriate thing to do at any given moment in their life. The inner insights and guidance that one receives becomes a source of new meaning in their lives. One perceives more clearly how things really are and how the world they live in really works. One receives clarifying insights and many delightful inspirations, creative ideas and an intuitive knowing about their life circumstances and the people and situations in their life. One receives the added benefit of premonitions, hunches and spontaneous impulses which can connect them with new creations. Their life takes on a growing significance with the understanding that it is fully worthy of their deepest appreciation and attention. They become more interested in their own life and this undivided attention helps them to feel young, renewed, refreshed and regenerated. They experience true happiness, feel more optimistic and confident, secure and at peace.

They know that they are in a unique position of having the ability to receive spiritual guidance that benefits everyone and is also in harmony with every living thing. The practice of stillness clarifies who they are and what their life purpose is and how to fulfill that purpose with applied intelligence. They know that they are a creative expression of the divine and are eternally connected and at one with this force. By being in stillness they find that there is a larger perspective on life that is available to them and this helps them navigate their way and make their most important decisions. They understand that as a personal conduit into the vastness of their connection to divine mind, they can direct any questions that they have and expect an answer to come to them and with practice they get better and better at hearing inner guidance.

As they dedicate themselves to doing this on a consistent basis, they come into the habit of seeking silent guidance from the universal wisdom which is always available to them in the depths of stillness. They learn to act with courage and in accord with their deepest impulses. It makes sense to them to go within and listen for guidance when they are confronted and beset by life’s challenges. They allow themselves to trust the answers that arise from within that stillness. They pursue the fulfillment of their personal happiness by faithfully following the direction that comes from a larger base of universal wisdom. They make all their decisions in silent counsel with the divine by sitting in stillness as needed. Their spiritual growth from this practice is a common sense way of getting in tune with the larger universe and to see life from a broader perspective and this helps them to achieve peace, love and contentment.

May you find the divine within and the gifts of peace, clarity, love and understanding in your personal moments of stillness.

I AM Archangel Gabriel 

2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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