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October 7, 2015

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Bengaluru innovator creates super high-efficiency machine that produces power from vacuum
Comments from Dr. Greer:
We have been following this inventor’s work for many years and it is promising that an apparent tangible new energy device has been developed.
Many of you have asked about this and we can only share what the Indian media have reported and await further developments, independent testing and independent reproducibility of the results which claim an over 200% efficiency.
Our concern is that once again the technology may never make it out to the public to benefit the earth and humanity because the inventor is pursuing a patenting and commercialization route that has never succeeded previously . While we hope that – this time- the technology is fully disclosed, thousands of such break-throughs in the past have resulted in technology seizure. sequestration and “black shelving” of the technology by large corporations, and so forth.
Perhaps in India it will be different this time. Only time will tell.
We have been following and researching such developments for 25 years. In each instance where the technology is patented or secret and ends up in the hands of corporations, the technology has vanished.  We advocate an open-source, transparent release of any such technological developments so that new energy can be promulgated globally as quickly as possible.
To find out more about the history and the New Energy movement and our strategic plans for releasing these technologies see our New Energy Workshop on Vimeo or YouTube (in 6 parts).
Or visit The Orion Project part of our website which give the vision for the future with new energy and many research articles about the subject.


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