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WhooHoo! Hold on to your …. no actually …. get ready to e-x-p-a-n-d, let go and allow!


We have to see all the things that are now happening as very interconnected and quite representative of a profound holistic pattern that the Supreme Creator is weaving for us. This divine plan is being unraveled before us in a most incredible and wise way. Each move is being made like the moves of a most enlightened chess master. Each step has a meaning that exists on many levels at once. Every move is designed to impress each of us toward one wonderful goal — first contact with our ancestors and our galactic brothers and sisters ~ leading to our ascension.

This path leads toward a deep reflection into the true meanings of the human soul and how this truth forms the basis of who we truly are. For this underlying truth is the foundation for all knowledge. We are all seekers of what is real and of how this reality forms the basis for all things that exist in Creation. We all endeavor in some way to amalgamate our truths with the profound ways of the Supreme Creator. Now is the time when this wish shall be granted not just to a select few, but to all of us.

Selamat Ja!



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Like a collapsing house of cards, our 3D world is teetering and about to topple.

With our awakening perceptions of reality, we are now able to help the Galactics even more. Discover how the ‘new you’ is assisting in the acceleration of our consciousness shift.


How the “New You” is altering your perceptions
Developing a new consciousness
How the concept of transparency is changing your world
What once was acceptable is no longer good enough
A new science is transforming our world
Prosperity, ETs and new governance
* Relearning how we perceive ourselves

Thursday, September 24, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. PDT


Sunday, September 27, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT

Talk to Sheldan Live…simply by using your home computer
(After the Webinar, Sheldan will answer your questions)

Seats are Limited… Register Now!

To make payment and register: Click here

Cost: $15.00 U.S.



Enjoy this short video of Matt explaining why it is time to embrace the joy of being human. From this direct space of awareness, you will finally understand what every moment is asking of you, and how to enter into a truly harmonious relationship with reality.

Click on the image below to access the video. Blessings.

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