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The Power of Subtle Activism

How Leading-Edge Spiritual Practices Can Help Heal the World at a Distance

Free virtual event with Gaiafield Project co-founder David T. Nicol

 Wednesday September 23 
5.30pm US Pacific Time

Dear friends of the Gaiafield,
If you’ve been tracking the developments in the field of subtle activism lately, you’ll understand that we are in a very exciting phase of our work. After an incredible World Peace Weekend — involving over 1400 meditation circles worldwide, a film on subtle activism that reached over 14,000 people, a meditation webcast with almost 2,000 live participants — we are now poised to launch our first online 7 week Subtle Activism Training!  I (David) am deeply excited about how this course can help the work of subtle activism reach a whole new audience and deepen our work together on many levels.
As an introduction to this course, please join me in dialogue with Stephen Dinan of the Shift Network for a free teleseminar this Wednesday September 23: The Power of Subtle Activism: How Leading-Edge Spiritual Practices Can Help Heal the World at a Distance.
On this call you will learn:
  • Cutting-edge discoveries about how subtle activism actually works – drawing from the latest science about such phenomena as morphogenetic fields and psi research
  • Advanced practices and lore around subtle activism, as well as information on the skills you need to develop to become more effective
  • Creative techniques you can engage with a group to activate a collective “higher mind” and positively impact challenging situations in the world
  • How subtle activism can supercharge your spiritual practice with purpose, and create a healthy flow between a focus on self and world
  • The importance of self-protection, safety, clearing and grounding – which are especially important for dealing with larger traumas in the collective
If you ever doubt that you can make a positive difference in the world, this call will inspire you!
Blessings of Peace,

David, for the Gaiafield Council

P.S. Attached is a photo from a wonderful BeThePeace gathering at my house in North Berkeley on Saturday. We hosted the BTP global teleconference and then celebrated afterward, with a number of Bay Area consciousness leaders, including: Stephen Dinan, Philip Hellmich, Patricia Ellsberg, Patricia Albere, Far I Shields, Leslie Meehan, Sean Kelly, Erik Lawyer, Ama Nkwa, Amelia Aeon Karris, Debra Giusti, Marguerite Rigoglioso, Fumi Johns Stewart, Queen Mutima, and others!




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