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Our nervous systems are tethered to this reality. This is why so many of us are feeling that our nervous systems are stressed….we are expanding our perceptions which directly effects our nervous systems. Sheldan will talk more about this in our webinar. As we identify more with the higher vibrations, our nervous systems are being altered. This is all necessary for our dimensional evolution. This unique dimensional evolution hinges on changing our perceptions. But how do we do this? Join our webinar to learn how we can graciously embrace our evolving reality.

Selamat Ja!

Hi Sheldan: This is my first time attending your webinar and I am so excited to now be a part of the group! Loved receiving the wonderful energies! GailW/USA

Tonight was absolutely exceptional ! Thank you all and I’m SO looking forward to September! ~ Jim Peavey/GA



Please note that this month’s webinar is THURSDAY and then SUNDAY. We usually offer the webinars on a Sunday/Thursday schedule. Yes, this Thursday, September 24 is webinar time with Sheldan and the Galactic Federation. Remember, it is Thursday then Sunday, September 27. ZaZuMa!

Our Changing Perceptions

Like a collapsing house of cards, our 3D world is teetering and about to topple.


With our awakening perceptions of reality, we are now able to help the Galactics even more. Discover how the ‘new you’ is assisting in the acceleration of our consciousness shift.


How the “New You” is altering your perceptions
Developing a new consciousness
How the concept of transparency is changing your world
What once was acceptable is no longer good enough
A new science is transforming our world
Prosperity, ETs and new governance
* Relearning how we perceive ourselves

Thursday, September 24, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. PDT


Sunday, September 27, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT

Talk to Sheldan Live…simply by using your home computer
(After the Webinar, Sheldan will answer your questions)

Seats are Limited… Register Now!

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Cost: $15.00 U.S.


A Bridge Between the Worlds

A Hathor Planetary Sound Meditation through Tom Kenyon


Recently a group of my star sister girlfriends and I started listening to Tom Kenyon’s sound meditation: A Bridge Between the Worlds. It puts you in an altered state of Being. It is 12 minutes which is perfect for me. The first couple of times I listened to this meditation, it was before going to bed. The first night I slept deeper than I have in a very long time. However, subsequent nights, it stimulated me so much that I could not sleep and yet I wasn’t tired. Now I do not listen to it before going to bed. Hope you enjoy this meditation as much as we do.

We also watched his movie, “Song of a New Earth”. Fascinating story of Tom’s life and his connection with the Hathors.

To listen to the sound meditation, Click on, click on “Listening” located on the menu to the left. You will be taken to a page outlining his terms and conditions for his music. If you agree, click on “I agree”. Then scroll down to “A Bridge Between the Worlds” and follow the directions. This is a 12 minute meditation.

Tom Kenyon has strict copyright policies. Please honor them. Thank you.


The Meditation

We call this meditation A Bridge Between the Worlds. It stimulates a mental state that allows you to experience the freedom of the Fifth Perspective.

We suggest you listen to this sound meditation with earphones or ear buds so the acoustic information is routed more directly into your brain without the presence of other sounds in the environment.

As you begin listening you simply recall the feeling of being surrounded by an immense space. It is the feeling of being surrounded by space that activates your brain’s right hemispheric abilities. Thinking about being surrounded by a large space will not activate this potential. You must kinesthetically feel or sense yourself surrounded by a large space.

If you are an advanced explorer of consciousness you can deepen the experience by sensing that there is no barrier between the external space around you and the internal space of your body. In other words, the boundary of your body temporarily disappears, and there is nothing but space. You simply hold this state of mind as you listen to the sound meditation. When your mind wanders you bring it back to an awareness of space and the sounds you are hearing. When the meditation is complete we suggest you take a few moments to sense what is happening within you.

When you have mastered the ability to enter the Fifth Perspective using this sound meditation, you are ready to graduate and explore using this ability in the midst of your life circumstances. The union of the constraints of your embodied life with the freedom of higher dimensional realities creates a most interesting paradox, and through entering this paradox you will greatly accelerate your dimensional evolution.

The Hathors
April 20, 2015

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