September 17, 2015

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of love that is known as joy. Joy is felt within an individual who trusts and is aware that they are part of the infinite oneness and loving power and exuberance of the universe. This awareness opens their mind and heart expanding their consciousness and allows them to live and express their truth fully and freely. Their experience of life allows unlimited opportunities to seek expression through them. They have a balanced ego which allows them to understand that they do not have to justify their presence on Earth or the decisions and choices they make to anyone else. They know that they and they alone, bear full responsibility for the direction their life takes. They contend or argue with no one and are firmly true to self which sets them free to feel a wonderful joy, peace and lightness within. Their entire being is filled with the realization of the love, perfection and spirit of joy that lives within them. They know that they have everything necessary within them for the full and complete expression of the boundless experience of joy and celebration of life.

When one feels lighthearted, playful and free, they are experiencing the joy of their deepest spiritual nature, their divine essence. As one allows life to simply unfold in a natural state of grace and ease, they are connected to a higher vision of their life. They feel deep gratitude for the blessings that come into their daily life. As they focus on the qualities of love, these qualities expand into the outer manifestations of their life as heartwarming experiences. They embrace, own and express their creativity with joy and abandon which brings them peace and satisfaction. This activity engages their spirit so completely that it brings light to every cell in their body.They live in a state of expanded awareness and their actions always feel natural and effortless. They feel joy in everything they do and their chosen actions bring them happy results. When all of their wishes and desires are in alignment with the universe and the divine, they are able to create with effortless ease and they experience the spontaneous fulfillment of their desires. They direct their energy to enthusiastically engage life and achieve their ultimate goal of creating union with the divine.

Joy is essential to living a balanced and empowered life, for every individual is always personally evolving and growing spiritually. Joy is a quality that makes one’s heart resilient. When they feel joy, it helps a person feel more confident and comfortable about who they are. When one resonates with joy at a deep level they attract more joy into their life. There is no limit to what one can do when they create from the most joyful place in their heart. It is a state of contentment, confidence and hope that is embodied within a person. When one turns their mind towards appreciating the goodness in their lives, it brings about a natural uplifting of their mind and a greater determination to have the most joyful life they can imagine. They find inner peace through the natural world around them as they connect to the joy it brings them.

Joyful people are drawn to nature where it is easier to connect with the divine. They spend time each day appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of nature and as they do this they reach a deeper state of consciousness which connects them with their inner joy. When one communes with their natural environment, they receive solace, healing and uplifting energy which is why they take the time to make this a regular part of their day. Some people love gardening, planting flowers and vegetables and watching the miracle of growth and the continuity of life take place and they realize that they are part of the same miracle. Those who do this, sublimely understand that it is the closest that they can come to being present at the creation of life. They find joy and freedom in doing the things they love to do.

When one realizes that joy, peace and happiness are available in the present moment, they are able to relax and enjoy many precious moments that they might have missed otherwise. They take the time to stop to appreciate the moment. They nurture their heart, mind and soul by these moments of joyful solitude and find deep peace and appreciation of life within them. They have a willingness to let go of all definitions of themselves as human beings and just enjoy the experience. They let go of all external concerns in order to follow their heart into activities that bring them joy and a sense of belonging. They attune to the whisper of their deeper selves through these moments of solitude.  They embrace the gifts to be found everywhere when they are open to them as they occur. They become gentle and loving with themselves which restores their inner joy, peace and harmony and in a universal sense, by doing this, they add to the peace and harmony of the Earth.

May the joy that you feel bring you a greater richness of happy experiences in your life.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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