September 13-20, 2015

Beloved Ones,

As you allow the greater integration of the cosmic energies to take place within your consciousness and within your physical, mental and emotional bodies, you are digging ever deeper into your psyche. This is a process that is occurring for everyone upon the planet at this time. Depending upon your understanding of all that is happening, you who are reading this discourse are those who are now positioned to be of greater service than ever before. The world needs you to be fully present and willing to use your powerful energies for the awakening of the inhabitants of your planet. As the prevailing energies of polar opposites balance within, you become a mighty powerhouse of a force for good. Your divine essence is descending into your etheric field and there is a deeper integration that is taking place. On the outer level, this activity may not be seen but it is certainly being felt, for it is in the experience of the energy and awareness that one comes into their mastery on the physical level. We say to you, do not be afraid to face the shadows within, rather face them squarely and accept these as an important part of your enlightened journey.

During this process, the qualities of unconditional love, compassion and mercy are being finely tuned within your soul as you now turn these qualities of love towards your own being. Each earthly experience should be seen as an important soul lesson that needs to be observed, understood and accepted. All that occurs in the outer world is a reflection of your desire as soul to learn, grow and expand into ever higher dimensions of reality and understanding. Your intent and willingness to undergo these experiences helps to move you forward on your unique path of light towards mastery of the physical plane. Try to attune your senses to the underlying feelings of zest and enthusiasm that well up from within your soul each time you overcome and release yet another illusionary limitation from your being. Yes, this is you at a higher level relishing the accomplishment! From the level of soul, it means that another test and initiation has been successfully passed. Celebrate these moments and mark them by rewarding yourselves with a special treat or symbolic ceremony that leads you to further empowerment.

Know that you who read this message are all initiates upon the path of light and are now steadfastly moving towards completion of contracts and agreements made before you ever set foot upon this planet in this and other, lifetimes. This current lifetime is for tying up all loose ends that needed to be dealt with from the highest soul integrity that was possible and you have all earned your lightbody and the privileges that come with this accomplishment. These privileges allow you as soul to traverse other regions of the universe as you work upon ever higher levels of ascension of galactic and cosmic experience. This process is ongoing and continuous, for there is always more to experience and learn in order that you grow and expand the divine spark within you, as God in action upon the universal playing field!

Those who are just awakened; arise from your slumber and know that it is never too late! Do not judge yourselves for your lateness of awakenment, for truly, it was not yet your time to do so. All that occurs is in divine timing in accordance with the requirements of your soul and the divine plan for the Earth. In truth, you are equipped with the ability to move forward now with leaps and bounds. Be kind to yourselves as well as others and take note that the evolvement of each individual cannot be wholly discerned upon this planet. It is highly possible that you have slumbered until this time in the Earth’s history in order to bring your unique and valuable energies online at the most perfect time. Honor your own growth and spiritual evolution without judgement and open yourselves to the inpouring energies, synchronistic opportunities and possibilities that now unfold.

Those who have paved the way before you hold the space for your movement forward during these times and will continue to do so in the times ahead. You are never alone! Remember this and walk steadfastly and resolutely forward in your daily lives, holding this knowledge in your ever expanding hearts and minds. You are invited to attend my retreat in the Temple of Truth during your sleep times (all you must do is set the intention before bedtime) in order to apprise yourself of the divine plan for your own life and to gain a greater understanding of the divine plan for the evolvement of the planetary life wave that is now in motion. We welcome you with open arms!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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