September 6-13, 2015

Beloved Ones,

There has been a shift in the energies of the Earth and within you. You have stood on the threshold of two worlds, and have made your choice. You have recommitted to the growth and evolution of your soul and this has brought you to the greater frequencies that now enfold you. There is a new aspect of your total being that is now coming to the surface. Many of you are still in the throes of purification, the purification of the four lower bodies and will continue to experience the effects of this cleansing process. Some of you are sometimes shocked at the words and thoughts that come into your awareness…this is your ego mind trying to bring you back into its control through the attempted distraction of your renewed commitment to self. The good news is that you now recognize what is occurring and are able to counteract by changing those thoughts as they happen. You are truly becoming the alchemists, changing the lead of the lower dimensions of life experience into the purified gold of your Holy Christ Self.

Loving others is an integral part of your spiritual being. Sometimes, your words and actions may seem to you to be rather extreme, but then you are surprised by the positive effect that these produce in others. This is you speaking your truth, without heat, in total detachment, and you are being heard. For some of you, this is a new experience, being heard and seen by those who surround you in the physical realm. This is a direct result of you giving love and kindness toyourself, knowing that you are worth it. When one loves self in a non-egotistical way, only good can come of it. By balancing the energies of duality in all facets of your inner and outer being, you are creating a new you. By embracing the light and the dark aspects that comprise the spiritual being that you are and coming into balanced acceptance of it, you are achieving mastership of the lower dimensions and moving into the next phase of growth on your spiritual evolutionary journey back to oneness with Source.

There is an element of the miraculous in the energies that enfold you now. Each moment is alive with infinite possibilities as you expand the magic that is within you. You are reaching inward to enter new realms of joyful creation and are filled with the anticipation of victorious achievement. There is a sense that something wonderful and totally unexpected is about to happen. As you go within daily, give thanks and acknowledgement for the countless miracles and blessings that now manifest in your life. As you listen to the promptings of your physical body and your higher guidance and allow the deep rest and relaxation to take place as needed, healing within is achieved and this gives you renewal and strength in the manifestation process of your deepest dreams. The higher aspects of your being bring forth the wisdom of your soul and you view the world from a higher perspective.

There is an ongoing shift into higher frequencies taking place within you and while this is occurring, new levels of perception are gained and this will help you to achieve a deeper understanding of the current situations manifesting in your life and you will be better able and equipped to deal with them. There is a coming together of all aspects of your being and this will eventually assist you in your return to the oneness of Source. You have been learning that in order to create, one needs to be involved in the experience in a personal way. You rise above the mundane realities of your daily life and see what is required of you to overcome them. You now use the energies that flow through you as an authentic expression of your soul. You are finding the joy in this process of surrender to the higher workings of your life purpose and realize that your soul and higher self truly do have your greatest blessing and well being at heart.

As you move in the direction of the great potential that lives within you, you gain awareness of the way to allow this process to unfold. You know you cannot remain in the place of comfortable sameness any longer and that you must allow the inner growth you have experienced to expand outwardly into all facets of your life. All that was is now being changed and transformed on your life path. Be at peace with this process, for it is part of your divine plan and an outward reflection of the inner commitment to the growth of self that you have consciously chosen.  Stand in your truth of this perspective and move forward into the new direction towards the achievement of your highest potentials.  You have all that you need ever available within you. You have all the wisdom of the ages within you which your soul has gathered and learned throughout its many experiences on Earth and in the cosmos. Continue to steadfastly follow your own star as it shines ever more brightly upon this planet! 

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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