Scottish Island to be First 100% Self-Sustaining Place on Earth

A beautiful Island North-West of Scottland called Eigg is leading the way in the sustainable revolution by being the first of its kind to become completely sustainable using natural renewable energy sources like wind and water as they naturally flow in the environment. So far they have achieved 90% power supply from their renewable sources and live independently from the U.K. National Grid.

Also amazing is the fact that Eigg is completely owned byits residents.  Anyone who lives on Eiggfor more than 6 months becomes a member of the Island’s decision making committeeand becomes an integral part of the brain of the island.

The combination of wind, water, and solar energy sources hasnever been done before.  The wind is themost precious resource on the island of Eigg and the key to all the residentson this small island being able to access power 24 hours a day lies in theirability to store that energy.  This iswhere there battery warehouse comes  inwhere the energy generated from the renewable sourcing systems set up throughoutthe island can be stored and utilized as needed. 

Also a key power source of the island is a powerful hydro-generator.  The generator collects rainwater and waterfrom the environment and then sends it underground where it will be processed. Waterflowing from the peak of the island provides up to 112 Kilowatts of hydro-electricityfrom the main generator alone.  Theislanders use a power center to constantly balance the power levels flowing throughthe generators and the town.

Originally the project was funded by government grants andprize money, but eventually that funding has run dry and now the town must beself-sustained.  The administrativesystem on the island sells electricity cards giving access to the sustainablysourced energy supply and also communicated important information about theongoing levels of energy available.  Agreen sign will indicate that power supply is high and energy can be usedfreely whereas a red sign tells town members that perhaps water levels are lowor some other factor is contributing to a lower power supply and thus energyneeds to be conserved. It is a system that works quite well for Eigg, whoseresidents are obviously committed to a sustainable lifestyle.



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