Note from Arya: As there are coming in a lot of informations about a critical phase (also concerning politics, finance, economy and ecological system) starting in September 2015, I ask you to take part numerously and share this call for global meditation. Thank you.

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

 A Hathor Invitation

On September 5th 2015 the Hathors are calling for a global sound meditation that will join many life-affirming beings including humans, angelics, interdimensional and intergalactic intelligences into an alliance for the protection of life and its elevation upon this planet.You can “tune in” and participate in this meditation wherever you may be in the world. Distance is not an obstacle at this level of consciousness.The meditation will take place from 5:30PM – 6:00PM EDT or 21:30PM – 22:00PM UTC. For the specific time in your area, you can use the World Clock Time Converter.During this thirty minute period it is suggested that you listen to the sound meditation, A Bridge Between the Worlds, which you can locate in the Listening section of our website ( Please download this to your computer before the event rather than using our server to listen to it during the global meditation.To read the complete Hathor message with more background and detail, click here.For information about the workshop In the Company of Angels at Symphony Space in New York click here or go to the Calendar at If you’d like to join us in person click here for a ticket.

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Extract from the message:
…You are collectively passing through a very difficult and dangerous point. The destructive forces upon your planet in terms of religious fanaticism, climate change, corporate greed and manipulation, as well as dire threats to the very foundations of your eco-system are increasing.
You are now entering, from our perspective, a massive Chaotic Node the likes of which your planet has not seen for some time. If unmitigated, this Chaotic Node could result in the mass extinction of multitudinous life forms including many humans.
We are therefore calling into action all positive angelic forms from all spiritual traditions, from all life-affirming interdimensional beings, from all alien civilizations of positive intent, and from all human beings who are aligned with our intention.
We will be creating a nexus point on September 5, 2015. And through a global meditation we will be calling forth these many diverse and life affirming angelic forms into an alliance for the protection of life and its elevation upon this planet….

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