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Release Activists Who Tried to Save Faroe Island Dolphins!

  • author: Emily Logan
  • target: Danish Government, Danish Navy
  • signatures: 2,700

On July 23, hundreds of pilot whales were slaughtered off the coast of the Faroe Islands near Denmark. This horrific mass slaughter literally turned the ocean red, and was a spectacle for Danish children and adults to behold, as the intelligent creatures were turned out onto the beaches with their intestines hanging out.

Activists from Sea Shepherd attempted to disrupt the hunt, but five crewmembers were detained and then arrested. Now, these brave activists face up to two years in prison for attempting to stop one of the most sadistic mass-killings in the world. As Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson wrote, “In the Faroes, empathy is a crime and kindness is ridiculed.”

Please sign this petition demanding that the Danish government release the captured activists and drop all charges immediately.

Stop the Faroe Island Whale Slaughter

update: Jul 28, 2015 author: Sue Lee
The slaughter went ahead as planned, leaving hundreds of dolphins dead on the beach and the waters surrounding the islands red with blood. During the hunt, a few brave activists attempted to disrupt the event and were arrested. Pleaseview full update
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