A Cleansing Vortex Of Energy and Light Sweeps The Planet – through Susan Michele Moll

July 23rd, 2015Beloved ones, as you become empty vessels for the light of God that never fails the crystalline Light of the Christ will shower through you, washing the last vestiges of the old energy from your physical, emotional and mental bodies. This takes time. These old accumulations have been set in their old ways for a very long time and cannot be expected to be disbursed of in an instant. It all takes patience, clearing and cleansing before the new energies can fully anchor within your being. As they do and the old is cleared away you will feel the extreme need to rest and take it easy. Your energies will be very focused within and it is imperative that you honor these cycles of rest that are greatly needed for the integration of all that is being released and received at the same time.There is a huge changing of the guard at hand. All aspects of your being are being revamped and renewed and it is to be expected that you will feel tired and in need of lots of rest. Your emotions may be dulled as you are integrating new ways of being. Nothing feels the same any longer and you may wonder: “What is wrong with me?” We tell you, nothing is wrong with you. You are just going through a huge transition and metamorphosis of your whole being. You may feel strange as you have never been in this exact situation before. As you gradually acclimatize to this new energy and the new way of being you will find that your energy, love and joy return in a far greater fullness than ever before.
You are once again in the midst of a deep reconstruction period and we advise you sincerely to take our message to heart and give yourselves the time you need to rest and integrate. Cancel unnecessary appointments and honor yourself with love and compassion for the journey you are on is great.
Expanded versions of yourselves are already adjusting to this new found you and as the body catches up you will begin to feel you are aligned and in sync with one another once again. The cogs are not quite fitting one another yet, hence the feelings you may have about being out of sync with yourself!!! It is not surprising, but just a part of the totally divine process you are in the midst of. Focus on the higher part of yourself as you rest and ask for clarity, balance and harmony to return to your physical bodies. Ask for assistance from your Higher Selves, ask for all the help you need in this process. We are here to make life easier if we can, but you have to do your part and connect with the energies that can facilitate your integration. Ask and you shall receive. If you are silent you will struggle alone. This is a gentle reminder to use us and the gifts we bring beloveds.There is a huge vortex of energy and light sweeping your planet right now. As this force field of intense energy and light sweeps in, through and around you taking with it the last vestiges of the old earth and patterns of destruction, you are bound to feel like everything is stirred up and intensified – and so it is. As you sweep away the dirt some is stirred up into the atmosphere before it settles again upon the ground. The same is taking place around you. Everything is in clean up mode. There is not one soul who is left unperturbed by these energies.  It affects all and there is nothing you can do but just allow this whirlwind of energy to sweep you clean and be grateful that it is, as you will no longer need to carry those old outworn and extremely old patterns or emotions around with you.

So much is happening, beloveds, you would be hard-fetched to not be affected by these enormous changes. There is no other way for the new to be able to come until the old is completely cleaned up, and as you know, there is still an intense amount to be cleared. Thus your lack of enthusiasm for life at the moment, but it will return with new born zest and vigor to embrace and begin manifesting the new. Wait a while before bringing in the patterns of perfection in to such distortion as they will be watered down and will not be able to come into their full effectiveness until the time is ripe. Hold the seeds of Light in your hearts beloveds. Hold dear to your dreams for a peaceful future and it will be so.

We bid you farewell until we meet again next week. Keep on, my brave warriors of the Light – in thee we are well pleased, your beloved brethren from the Heavens and the Inner Earth. We love you beyond measure dear sisters and brothers of the Light.


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