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HeartMath Institute / Global Coherence Initiative

Would it surprise you to learn that an unseen, yet detectable field around you carries important information about you and connects you with all other living things?One of today’s most exciting areas of scientific inquiry is the interconnection between all living things. And, HeartMath researchers are deeply involved in this research.Here is one example: Our research team recently did a large data collection project in which they acquired more new and exciting information about the interconnectedness between people and earth’s magnetic fields. They did this by simultaneously collecting heart rate variability data from 104 participants from 5 countries – this resulted in 1,500 days of synchronized data or 150 million heartbeats to analyze.Also, our researchers continue to analyze the massive amount of magnetic fields data being collected worldwide from GCI’s 6 Earth monitoring systems daily, and we’re are getting enlightening results! But funds are running low.

Help us take this research and data analysis to the next level and reach our campaign goal of $25,000 before it ends on July 13. Your donation to the 2015 Science of Interconnectivity Research Project will make all that I’ve mentioned and much, much, more possible! There are only a few days left till July 13, so please donate now.

And, we have a special Thank You Gift for you! For a one-time contribution of $35 to $69, you’ll receive oneFree Tote Bag; if you give $70 or more, you get two Free Tote Bags, or pledge $5 (or $10, $25 or more) per month and receive a Tote Bag, plus a FREE One Year HMI Membership.

I invite you to make a donation today. We will be sure to keep you updated throughout the year with our progress.

Thank you for helping to advance the understanding of the energetic connection between all people and the earth’s fields and for joining our vision of bringing people together in heart-focused care.

With appreciation,
Sara Childre
Sara Childre,
President, HeartMath Institute

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