TOC – The tools of consciousness are designed to transform any unwanted thought or feeling by acknowledging the creation of it and giving space to the underlying “truth”coming forth. More about it (you can translate it with into any language). TOC will come out soon also as an online-program. 



lightbulbIn the depths of our darkest emotions, the light can seem infinitely far away.

When sadness, fear or any negative emotion overcomes us, it’s as if all the things that once triggered reward and happiness in the brain shut down.

It feels like happiness and excitement are impossible to reach in the moment.

Some of us, as a result of coping, create ways to keep the mind busy. It’s as if the physical vessel is here but our consciousness, our presence is not focused on the now.

When we experience low energy days, sometimes we feel victim to our emotions and allow a mental spiral to happen.


If you feel alone in your mind with no one to bounce your thoughts off of, that lack of reassurance can cause self inflicting feelings of self doubt.

No matter where we find ourselves emotionally or mentally, know that you are right where you need to be.

Either to learn, grow, or observe the experience.

When we know and understand our emotions, and thesource of our sadness, it no longer has power over us.

When we let what we do not like immobilize us, we are allowing it to control us.  Once we can see the patterns we keep encountering we can claim our control – because we understand that we are ultimately the creators of it.


We learn what we do not like byexperiencing it.
The child does not know the stove is hot until they have been burnt.

You can start to shift your emotional state by simply imagining what it would be like for you to be in a situation or space that brings you joy.

By taking action,  not only do you transform your life, but  you become the embodied example of powerful, focused creation.

We have to understand that by not taking action on our issues, we are allowing ourselves to exist in a state of stress and discomfort.

We are letting ourselves  saying to ourselves that we deserve this and allow the disc
omfort to continue.
If we dislike something then we must act.

Thank you for reading
Much love to you!
Amanda nix<3


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