Confusion, tiredness and a sense of disconnection may be the experience for many of you – particularly the sensitive among you and the especially esoteric. You may be experiencing a real disconnection from the 3-D world.

This might translate to examples such as an inability to pay your bill, and I don’t mean financially, I mean literally paying the bill. It might translate to an inability to do your ‘to do’ list that you used to do with no problem. Just a feeling of floating and being a bit disconnected from all of it.

The only problem with floating and energetically feeling widely as a sensitive (going into the macro of what’s going on in our world), is you can get lost in the noise. Essentially, you can get lost in the junk DNA that’s floating around out there in other people’s energy fields (the Universal Energy Field).

So those of you who are feeling anxiety around that, for you it’s going to be a focus of come back to your purpose and your connection.

So your purpose might be a grand thing that you are working on that is going to take you one year to conceive. It might be a book, it might be a garden you’re building, it might be working with your friend to try and influence policy in an environmental way. So some of you will have your grand purpose. But even if you have a grand purpose, everybody this month is going to find the simple small task your savior.

Watch the full June Energy Forecast below, or read the transcript here:http://www.leeharrisenergy.com/blog.html

Lee’s June 2015 Energy Forecast – You and the Universal Energy Field Full transcription available athttp://leeharrisenergy.com/blog For more from Lee please…

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