Are You Available? Augmenting Access to the Akasha Dimension


You know how it is. There is so much noise, so much going on, you can’t even hear yourself think!

If only everyone would stop rushing around for a moment so you can just collect your thoughts. All you need is a moment. It happens to everyone, and more so in the contemporary urban and industrial environments in which more and more of humanity lives. How often do you find yourself thinking, “I’ve just got to get away from it all… away from this mad rush of things, to slow down and just reconnect with myself, reconnect with life”? This need to find places and situations where you can be calm and clear is a fundamental need of all life. In fact, it is a requirement not only of life, but of everything that exists and transforms in relation to its environment — in other words, of everything!

In the previous two blog postings in this Akashic Think A-team series (“Be Supercoherent: Tune In to Your Consciousness” and “We Have Lost Something Important and We Must Absolutely Regain It — But What?”) we explored how the condition of super-coherence is responsible for all the phenomena in the world around us that we might describe as miraculous, awesome, or amazingly-attuned. We considered how important it is, especially in this day and age, to curate states of super-coherence in connection with all the people, places, and practices that define our lives. Now, in this blog posting, my son Alexander Laszlo and our A-team look at what this means and how you can establish a clear link with the pulse of life itself.

Studies in macro-cellular biology have discovered that if you place two living heart cells next to each other — not touching, but just a short distance apart — they very quickly begin to beat in unison. [1] They start off each contracting, pulsing, at their own rhythm, and very soon they are doing it at the same time, even though they aren’t touching! But if there are disturbances in the environment, such as electric impulses or swirls of ionized water flowing around them, they won’t sync up. So what is it that connects them? Clearly, they somehow tune to each other, but how?

This is where the Akasha Dimension comes in. Since the Akasha Dimension is omnipresent and ever-present, it surrounds and flows through everything. And everything flows through it, but not just metaphorically. This means that things — stars, atoms, you and me — continually flow into existence through the information-binding action of the Akasha Dimension that embeds all of existence by “in-forming” — literally, putting form into — phenomena and events. What we do, who we are, and how we are is directly correlated with how well and how deeply we access the Akasha Dimension.

Patterns of social grouping behavior in animals often demonstrate remarkable levels of coherence. A school of herring, a flock of starlings, a herd of zebra — all can act as one, with such coordination of volition and such unison of movement that the group often seems like one being. How do these animals synchronize with each other with such coordination? In our highly-rational world of practicality and common sense, for us humans to approach similarly tightly-choreographed performances we have come to think that we must train as highly-skilled artists and athletes for many years.

But now we are finding out that it is possible to tune in and flow with such grace and ease without having to train for the synchronized swimming event of the Olympics. And in fact, that type of synchronization is so highly choreographed that it breaks down immediately if the team is asked to engage in free-form synchronization or in response to unforeseen changes in the environment. But once we learn to let go of seeking to control all that is happening within us and around us, once we are able to “fall into” the Akasha Dimension, then anything is possible!

More specifically, what ends up being possible are dynamics of coherence and, when groups of us are coherently aligned with each other, we can even experience the phenomenon of super-coherence described in blog posting number three, the one before last in this series. It is all a matter of becoming available to the information flows of the Akasha Dimension. Just like you can’t hear a message from someone if there’s a lot of shouting going on around you, you won’t be able to tune in and flow in creative or effective harmony with your environment if you’re too distracted. You’ve got to make yourself available.

So how do you make yourself available to the in-forming flows from the Akasha Dimension? The good news is that there are many ways. The bad news is that it won’t happen just by wishing it would. It is both the simplest and most natural thing in the world and at the same time requires focus, attention, and above all, practice. And no, you don’t have to become a yogi to master this — after all, the fish and the starlings already know how. It’s just that our mind won’t shut off, something the bird brains don’t have to worry about. We’re constantly cluttering our consciousness with a stream of commentary about what is going on in our lives, moment by moment. As soon as we reflect on what is going on or think about it in any way, we are no longer in tune, no longer living in the moment. We are thinking about what just happened, distilling it into words and freezing the moment so that we can reflect on it. This lands us just behind the present, always catching up to it, thinking about everything that just happened as it is just happening.

But if you can turn off what psychologists call “the monkey mind” — that part of your consciousness that keeps up the constant chatter in your head, commenting on everything — then you start to make yourself more available to the information flows from the Akasha Dimension. Quieting the monkey mind, releasing into the moment (without the need to “do anything” with it, just being present — fully present), and then allowing your perceptions to flow with whatever arises in your field of awareness… this is the practice. Three simple steps that you can spend a lifetime cultivating. The end result is greater flow with what’s going on in your life, greater coherence with yourself, with others, with nature, and even with your ancestors and those who will come after you.

Imagine you are a heart cell, beating out the rhythm of your life. You are aware of all the other cells around you, beating out their rhythms too. And what if you knew that something as fantastic and amazing as a heart were possible — something that could pump massive amounts of blood and animate an entire body — if only you would beat as one? That type of super-coherence is possible for us as a species — not only possible, but vitally necessary if we are to shift out of our disconnected, dispirited, and destructive mode of strident individualism.

The question is, are you available?

What practices do you have that bring you into the non-reflective moment in which you are truly present to yourself, to others, to nature, and to past and future generations of all beings? Share your insights, your experiences, your connections with us!


1. Cf. Dongming, Cai, Winslow, Raimond, and Noble, Denis. “Effects of Gap Junction Conductance on Dynamics of Sinoatrial Node Cells: Two-Cell and Large-Scale Network Models” in IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 41, No. 3, March 1994.

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Are You Available? Augmenting Access to the Akasha Dimension

by Ervin Laszlo

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