And let’s be real here – the point of this isn’t wether or not any of this happened or wether Jesus actually existed. This goes beyond religion, this goes beyond our dimension, and our 3D consciousness entirely. These images are incredibly interesting and they are all real.

We need to shift our understanding of the concept of real. Everything is real, everything exists and is ever evolving, it is the eternal energy of Christ Consciousness. Jesus embodied Christ Consciousness, the all knowing energy of unity, understanding and love.He was the incarnation of love.

To answer if all this really happened – know that everything exists. There are parallel realities where the story unfolding on Earth is completely different, down to every little detail.

Source – the spark of initial creation of all, exists beyond the idea of concrete, hard science. It can contradict itself, be paradoxically impossible and make absolutely no sense – because it is beyond sense. 

Yes all these ‘fictional’ events and ‘physically impossible’ happenings really did take place.

They also didn’t. 

To anyone who is actually looking, putting the puzzle pieces together and seeing how it all fits – it’s obvious there is a real interaction going on. The earliest works of art – cave paintings, prehistoric art depicts the interaction with ‘beings’.

Throughout history, art has been used to tell a story that we are choosing to ignore and deem as simply imagination or representation. No doubt, SO much is representation, exaggeration and artistic freedom, but that doesn’t mean all of it has to be.

I’m focusing on the renaissance period because of the level of consciousness at the time. There was an interesting way the collective consciousness interacted with reality during this time period. Everyone’s belief system was much more open. The idea of superstition, the supernatural and unexplainable seemed to happen a lot more.

Our minds project reality – we are not subject to it. The occurrences of the bizarre happened more because it existed in the realm of possibility for them.

Seeing isn’t believing; believing allows us to see.  



So, straight up, why would the painter include that in the sky? This is one of the more intriguing paintings, named The Madonna with Saint Giovannino. It was painted in the 15th century by Domenico Ghirlandaio. He was an Italian Renaissance painter from Florence who lead a workshop which the infamous Michelangelo apprenticed at.

Now, what is the purpose of adding that thing in the sky? It’s not the sun, it’s not a cloud or anything like that – what is it?! The explanation everyone seems to fall back on is that it’s a representation of biblical script – but what exactly is this representing? There is a man in the background curiously watching this flying craft in the sky and it seems to have absolutely no connection to the contents in the foreground. What do you think?


A dutch artist named Aert De Gelder painted this, labelled The Baptism of Christ. Made in 1710, this image is depicting a ceremony of baptizing with a strange twist. When debunking this image, it’s said that the circle in the sky is nothing more than the representation from the scriptures that ‘The light of Christ descends like a dove from the sky’.

When you understand how strange the history of our planet actually is, the idea of this circle being something extraterrestrial isn’t outlandish. Aliens have been interacting with humans – essentially since the beginning of our planet’s creation, this is not a new phenomenon.


These pieces are from a fresco painting in the Visoki Decani Monastery, in the western part of the Serbian province of Kosovo. Within the Monastery are several famous scenes described in the Bible painted on the walls.

These images are from the depiction of The Crucifixtion of Christ and what’s so interesting about these images specifically is that there are angels in the picture that look nothing like this. This is not a depiction of angels or any type of celestial being, but as a sort of craft to travel in.

The picture on the top completely looks like a spaceship – are these artists representation skills just out of whack?  The eye of the artist was so refined back then, paintings took years to finish and were completed with astounding detail. Why are these paintings filled with “representations” that are blatantly created on purpose as literal images.



This fresco is similar, within the 11th century Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is another depiction of the Crucifixion of Jesus.

This Byzantine style painting has more aircraft type images just like the one’s in the pictures above. What are these flying ship type images? There’s no doubt all of this could be complete representation, interpretation and imagination but there seems to be an underlying consistency to all of this art created around the world throughout history.

Why are artists painting the same images from half way around the world? Was there a mass hallucination happening where everyone saw the same thing?  There’s so much more going on that we don’t want to accept because it keeps life simple – and it keeps us from the truth. 


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