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Greetings from Galactic Heart,

Talk about synchronicities! This afternoon Miles, Sheldan and I completed the outline for June’s webinar. Its title is Synchronicity (available Friday afternoon).

Then I receive an email from Solara An-Ra speaking about the importance of synchronicities ~ going with the flow. This brought a giggle ~~ we are in the flow.

For months now, I have been sending reminders (to myself as well) to focus on what we desire to create as our new reality. Take charge of your thoughts, words and deeds. That seems to be the message from many spiritual messengers. We are being asked to break old reactionary habits. It is time to embrace our full potential selves.

We were born to be here now! Focus, choose, flow, smile, BE! I Love when synchronicities occur in my life.

Selamat Ja!


Merging Science Into Spirituality is now ready for downloading…

Check our Webinar Video Preview: Spiritual Wisdom


In this singular time of human history, spirituality and science are in the process of converging into a new paradigm.

Topics include…

• Science of Lemuria Returns: Breaking the Matrix using Spiritual Science 
• Exploring Spiritual Wisdom: The science of miracles 
• The New Harmonics tap into the World of Spirit 
• Look to nature for answers 
• Understanding what we can’t see or prove 
• How we will benefit from new (Lemurian) Science

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Dear Colleen:
Yesterday I listened to Sheldan’s webinar Merging Science Into Spirituality. I am always impressed by the love that comes through your presentations – from both you and Sheldan. His homesickness is so touching. I can feel it for him and I hope he is the first to go home when the time comes.

The slides and information are phenomenal. Even though I’ve read quite a bit of esoteric literature, I had never known about the tunes, fractals, and vortexes, nor did I understand the matrix like I do now. Thank you, Shirley/NY


Message for June Solstice 2015 ~ Accelerating Your Path

The Star Councils ~ through Solara An-Ra

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People of Terra, you come once again into the energies of a solstice; aware of course that the energies that are present around this sacred sun-earth conjunction have the power to accelerate your chosen path. You harness this power by taking the time to tune in, to focus on what you are desirous of manifesting in your life. You focus on what you choose, not on what is difficult. You spend time each day focusing on your path of light, re-setting your goals, choosing peace above all else ~ knowing that there are millions of others on your planet doing this also over the solstice period, and particularly on the day of the 21st of June.

Think about your path as a flow of energy into which you can step, like stepping into a stream, in order to achieve your mission or purpose as easily and joyfully as possible.

For when you step into the flow of your chosen path, you are divinely assisted through guidance, signs and synchronicities which lead you forward towards the achieving of your goals. You must, of course, always bear in mind that the outcome of your path, and what happens along the way, may be different than what you are picturing right now. But as long as you continue to affirm that you are in service to the planet, and that your manifestations are for the highest good of all – then the outcome will always be for your highest good also.

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There is often more than one path available to you at any given time and in any situation. The method you use to determine which way to step is to ask yourself which potential path feels exciting and joyful – which choice feels expansive rather than contracted. The energy of love is always associated with a feeling of expansion. The energy of love and light combined is always associated with peace. And so you can use your emotional mastery, by tuning in to see whether the path that you are choosing feels expansive rather than contracted; feels uplifting rather than depressing; feels exciting, rather than dull. Feel into whether your choice will bring peace, for this must underpin all your goals. Peace comes from clarity, simplicity, generosity, kindness towards yourself and all other living beings.

Sometimes you step between one path and another, testing the waters of each before committing to emerge yourselves fully in the flow of one. You are practising your skills of discernment, dabbling with the polarities of light and dark – and this is natural; it is part of the nature of the experiment that you chose to partake in by coming into the density of 3-D.

If you choose acceleration on your highest path, even if you do not understand what that path entails, speak these words now, and every day:

‘I am part of the shift.

I choose a path of Light & service now!

I let go of resistance to change.

I step into the flow of my highest path.

I manifest only that which is for the highest good of all’

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When you announce something verbally, you are heard by your personality self, by your Higher Self and by the universe. And now you are in the canoe of your success, dear ones. Visualise yourself floating down a stream, propelled forward by the gentle loving flow of the universal energies. You feel the gentle current assisting you – no need to paddle, no need for effort. The landscape around you is glowing – green fields & trees, fluorescent flowers around you as your boat glides easily through the water. You visualise your destination, not as a place, but as a field of energy that you are moving towards. You are comfortable that your destination is unknown. You trust that you will be guided; shown the way; assisted. You feel joyful, open ~ love and abundance is flowing through your field, through your chakras, your body, your aura and your greater Light-body.

And so it is, dear ones, that you accelerate your paths of Light, joining the legions of Light who work with you continuously at this time to co-create a future of Unity and peace on your planet. Your assistance and cooperation is so greatly appreciated. We are with you always. Namaste.

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