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May 3, 2015 by John Smallman

We in the spiritual realms are very much aware of your restlessness as you wait hopefully, intending to be patient, for humanity’s awakening. We are also very aware of your doubts about the divine plan as the media continue to report seemingly endlessly about further groups of people all across the world undergoing intense suffering, while nothing appears to be happening to relieve the suffering that so many are already undergoing, and have been undergoing for such a long time. 

What is occurring across the world is truly the climax that is leading to the release of humanity’s ancient karmic inheritance, a release that is an essential aspect of your awakening process. That karmic inheritance is seen unfolding whenever thoughts, words, or actions that are not in alignment with God’s Will, with Love, direct people’s lives.

As you have often been told recently, and as I need to reiterate, enormous attitudinal changes have been occurring in many cultures and races across the world over the last one hundred years. The two world world wars in the first half of the twentieth century really started the process because the suffering of many who were involved was so dire, and because of the international news coverage that carried the horrific news to every part of the planet. Fixed egoic attitudes that encouraged people to believe that their side in the conflict was right and that the other side was wrong were severely weakened and undermined as the atrocities committed by by all participants in these wars became public knowledge. Initially there were attempts to hide the worst of these, and when that was unsuccessful then attempts were made to justify them.

Those personally involved in the extreme mistreatment of others were shamed; then, frightened that their reputations would be damaged and they themselves destroyed, they strove to convince anyone who would listen to them that the accusations leveled at them were untrue. Many succeeded at the time, but later, in numerous instances, the truth came out. The more that was revealed the more shocked and horrified people became and a change of attitudes became inevitable, as people everywhere finally began to realize that violence always and inescapably leads to more violence, and never results in lasting peace.

But change of this nature does not happen overnight, new generations have to arise with these new attitudes instilled – as you can see from world history, these new attitudes are very recent – and that is what is happening now.

All over the world you are hearing about corruption and dishonesty being revealed as never before, as whistle-blowers report on the shocking truths that have been concealed and denied for far too long. This is an enormous change! Those who support concealment continue to fight an intense rearguard action to prevent further “leakage” of intensely damaging information, but their efforts are to no avail. The truth concerning many hideous plans and activities that have harmed and hurt so many and that have also done great damage to the planet and her environment can no longer be kept secret.

Humanity is demanding to know the truth, humanity is demanding change, and humanity is being heard! There truly is no way in which the old order can remain in power let alone in control of the means to power. The vast majority of humans seek love and know that treating others with love, treating others as they themselves absolutely yearn to be treated, is the only sane philosophy by which to live, even though most of them would not express it as simply as that.

The major world religions have a lot to answer for in regard to the suffering that so many throughout the ages have endured. These various religions were established by followers of wise and loving men who, having taught and demonstrated love in action, surrendered their human bodies to the dust from which they came. Very quickly afterwards rules were established by some of those who had been close to these men, the main purpose of which was to secure authority for themselves, thus allowing them to claim expertise in understanding more fully than anyone else the wisdom and meaning of the man whose teachings they then chose to interpret and promulgate in a manner intended to glorify themselves and confirm their arrogant self-appointment.

Organized religions were established as power structures to control and enslave populations in a similar fashion to that used by emperors and kings. Power is extremely seductive. Once held it is never gently or willingly relinquished, and those holding it generally try to justify doing so by claiming that their subjects or followers need the wisdom and knowledge that they alone possess to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which they can live in peace. No one believes that for long, as leaders promises are reneged on or forgotten dissent develops, and eventually a new leader appears at just the right moment to overthrow the enthroned one.

Humanity has lived in that fashion for eons, as your various histories make abundantly clear, but now major changes are in progress because the Light of God’s Love, which has always surrounded you, is being recognized as the only Power that has ever existed. It is infinite and eternal. It is the power of self-hood, the power with which God endowed every one of His children, and it means that you answer only to God, Who loves you infinitely just as you are, just as He created you. You can do nothing to improve yourself to gain His approval because you already have it, and no other human has the right or authority to judge or condemn you on His behalf. To do so is to attempt to judge God!

God is Love . . . Love is . . . You. Each and everyone of you is Love, because that is how you were created. You have temporarily lost sight of this, your inalienable nature, and it is to permanent awareness of your true nature that your awakening process is leading you.

You, each one of you, as you turn inwards to seek the divine Light burning eternally within you, are thereby setting the intent to know God. That intent starts the release of all aspects of yourselves that are of the illusion and that are not in alignment with Love. The journey can be hard as doubts arise when you are seemingly attacked or judged, and you are tempted to defend yourselves. However, as you have so often been informed, you are fully supported in every moment by God’s Love for you. Continue to hold the intent to be only loving because then your only option is to awaken, and so you will.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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