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BRICS countries ~ Alternative to the cabal

So many of us, now, are struggling with the meaning of time. We wonder when, at long last, the Earth Allies will distribute the abundance money so we can take the first steps in our joyful journey toward full consciousness.


In this Webinar, Sheldan brings us the latest information on current abundance timelines and explains how we are gradually overcoming the obstacles put in place by the dark cabals.

Topics include…

• Timing – Why the GF must be cautious
• Dark Cabal – Cause of Delays
• Earth Allies & Secret Societies – Their mission
• Abundance Program – Funding and testing the new system
• The role of NESARA
• The BRICS countries ~ Alternative to the cabal
• Need for patience: 3D time vs 5D time
• A new society – A new GAIA

Sunday, April 19, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT


Thursday, April 23, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. PDT (California Time)

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Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

April 2015

Living As Your Ascended Self ~ Part 1

We come forth today to remind you that your glorious, Light-filled eternal Presence is always one with you on the spiritual levels of your consciousness. This is true regardless of what you are thinking or feeling or what state your physical body is in. This means that many of you have already merged with the 4th dimensional levels of your consciousness, yet now is the time to move your mind, your heart AND your body into the 5th dimension, so AS your God Presence you can be an active participant in your own ascension into the 5th dimension beyond limitation. Begin by asking your Presence to infuse your Spiritual Centers and the cells and atoms of your physical body with the Purity, Wisdom and Power of the Love and Light of Source.

~ The Ascended Masters in the Councils of Shamballa

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Nirvana is a state of bliss that is created out of aligning one’s mind and feeling nature with the 4th dimension. Each dimension has 12 octaves, so when those who have reached the lower or even the higher levels of the 4th dimension exit the Earth they are given the option of being mentored by those who can assist them in moving their consciousness into the 5th dimension. Many residents on the 4th dimension prepare themselves for their next shift in consciousness via specific studies and the aid of more evolved souls who are there to assist them in their transformation.

Personal ascension has been going on at an increasing rate ever since the planet started ascending about 70 years ago. Many of you started responding to the many massive infusions of Light that began taking place at that time. In response, you have been moving your consciousness into the 4th dimension. You have now been joined by a multitude of new souls who were already aligned with the 4th dimension. More people than you may realize have moved their consciousness into the 4th dimension and all in all, several billion souls have evolved during Earth’s ascension process to date, and her journey into successively higher energy planes assures that many more will do the same.

A great majority of humankind is at a crossroads between remaining asleep in the 3rd dimension or to awaken and align their consciousness with their Presence and their opportunity to ascend into the unlimited 5th dimension while still in physical bodies. You can assist in your own ascension by remaining fully awake to what you sense is still keeping you magnetized and mesmerized by the illusions that are sustaining the 3rd dimension of limitation. Remember that you came to Earth to align your consciousness with that of your God Presence to lift yourself out of the dream that for many has become a nightmare.

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When you remain aligned with your already-ascended Presence, you will see that you are always one with God’s will and that you truly cannot fail to fully awaken and live in the freedom of your True Self. You may feel that this is an impossible task, when in truth it is the natural progression of every soul and regardless of appearances, everyone has been preparing for this for centuries.

Those in war are usually in deep pain and they are often working out difficult childhood experiences while assuring that they and their families are safe and protected. They are doing what they feel is right and they too will soon come into a more conscious union with their own Presence so they can see with the eyes of God and feel such compassion that it will be impossible to take another life. The 3rd dimensional world has been supported by centuries of misconceptions, pain, hatred, resentment and suffering, yet remember that world is illusory and you were all meant to live in eternal joy.

You are all destined to awaken, so do not ever let the illusions of your current world deceive you or keep you separate from your Presence, the Presence of others, or from living in harmony with the Divine Crystalline Blueprint for your planet. You were all created to shift your heart, mind and body into unity consciousness so you could be 5th dimensional wayshowers and manifesters of a new Golden Age. When you come together and begin co-creating as your Presence in union with the Presences of others, you will find that this is all part of a grand Divine Plan that is destined to fully catapult you into a new Golden Age of Freedom.

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