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Forgetting Love is not possible.

March 21, 2015 by John Smallman

To experience Oneness is really not that difficult, it is just a question of waiting patiently and allowing it to happen.  To allow means that you do not attempt to be in control of the moment, of the situation, you just accept what arises, and if nothing arises do not concern yourself about it because nothing arising is very, very close to Oneness.  Oneness is a state of alert attention, a state in which you observe – your feelings, your thoughts, your environment, noises and smells, people or things passing – but do not engage with any of them so that you are always ready for and aware of the next thing, thought, feeling, or sensation that arises in this now moment, the only moment that has real meaning.

It is a very peaceful state in which you are simply present, nothing more, and it is extremely healing because doubts and anxieties do not assail you when you relax into that peaceful state of perfect contentment, needing nothing.  Do not be discouraged by the fact that nothing appears to happen because “what happens” is of the illusion, it is a distraction from being.  Oneness is just being, and being is to be open to creation, to be open to Love, because your heart then expands and fills and replenishes itself from that infinite loving space that is all that exists.

Don’t judge yourself, and do forgive yourself for all the judgments you have ever made.  When you are forgiven you know that you are free, but only you can forgive yourself.  Another’s forgiveness can be pleasing, satisfying, but the only real forgiveness is your own to yourself.  And if you have not forgiven yourself you cannot truly forgive anyone else.  There is always a “holding on to” the offense or hurt that you are attempting to forgive.  You do not forget it, you just store it away to refer to later in case another offense or hurt occurs, and you call this experience, or even wisdom!

Love is always unconditionally accepting because It has nothing to forgive.  If you hold on to a hurt or a grievance, then resentment grows and you shut out Love, and you can only do that within the illusion because outside the illusion, which is tiny, there is only Love.  Anything that is in any way out of harmony with Love is unreal, it does not and cannot exist except within the unreal state that is the illusion.

To not be experiencing Love constantly means that you are immersed in the illusion.  The occasions of Love it seems that you experience within it are but brief forays out of it.  The illusion is like a pond in which you are immersed far beneath its surface and holding your breath, and from which you emerge for brief moments to breathe in the Love on which your very existence depends.  Love is infinitely powerful, so a deep breath from Its endless abundance allows you to immerse yourself in the pond of the illusion for long periods of time.  And when you do, because it is the human condition, it is very easy either to forget about love – the weak faint image of real Love that is all that you can experience as a human – or to convince yourself that you do not need it because it really only complicates life . . .  until the next time you need to take a breath!

Forgetting Love, which is burying or denying your need for It, and focusing on living, on getting on with your life, is not possible!  It is the life force, life itself as you live it as a human, and therefore you are always conscious of it, even if you are not focusing your attention there.  When It ceases or severely weakens, then you notice!  Those of you who have had NDEs (near death experiences) remain intensely aware of life, of Love, when you return to your human bodies and to all the limitations they appear to impose upon you.

Remember, in fact you can hardly forget, that fear is a very noticeable aspect of life in the illusion.  This is because separation from God is utterly unnatural, even the thought of it is terrifying in the extreme, and it does seem that you are separated.  Thus fear lurks constantly just below your level of conscious awareness, forever ready to come to the surface to fill and freeze your mind and shut you off from Love.  As most of your experts in human psychology will confirm, you live daily with the fear of death.  Why?  Because death appears to be the end, the complete termination of existence.

No one has ever come back from the dead to prove that there is no such thing, and while life may not be wonderful to lose consciousness permanently does not in the least appeal to the vast majority of humans.  Belief in an afterlife can help, but not if you believe that you could be sent to hell!

The only hell you will ever experience is one of your own making, which can indeed be horrific and cause great suffering, but it is unreal.  Once you truly forgive yourself you will become aware that hell is unreal because through self-forgiveness you open yourself to Love and to the realization that as a beloved child of God, Who is infinite Love, you are forever and eternally unconditionally accepted and loved.  With the arrival of that realization hell, and any images of hell that you may have formed, will dissolve, dematerialize.

You have your eternal and uninterrupted existence in Reality, within the infinite field of divine Love that contains and supports all of God’s creation, and outside of which nothing exists because there is no outside.  It truly is extremely simple: you exist, you know you do because you are conscious, therefore you are always in the divine Presence.

This being the case there is no need for worry or anxiety of any kind, and any that you experience as humans is utterly unreal.  However, it seems real as long as you maintain it by focusing your attention on it, and on the illusion that supports the games of separation in which you chose to participate.

To free yourselves from the illusion, to disentangle yourselves from it, it is most helpful to quieten your mind, to let go of and disengage from the almost constant but often unconscious flow of thoughts passing through it concerning your life in the illusion as humans.  It is generally an ongoing flow of worry, anxiety, and fear about your value, your severely limited value as an individual in a vast system that you feel sure hardly notices you, and how to increase that value and be noticed – perhaps by taking another workshop, another seminar, another degree, another job, another lover.  It becomes an almost constant state of worrying and wondering about what to do to improve your market value!

But because you are all divine beings you cannot increase your value in any manner at all.  God does nothing by halves, therefore your value is already infinite
Your loving brother, Jesus.

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