Beloved light workers, we congratulate you all on your continued commitment to the Light and to the ever evolving wisdom and energy that you are integrating on all levels. We know your physical bodies have been feeling, at times, extremely tired and this is a part of the process. The body, as we told you last week, is the last piece of equipment to come online, as the physical just takes longer than the other bodies to adapt and it has its own mechanisms that resist the changes. As things have been structured and moving in this way for so long it has difficulty in adapting. We suggest you try to relax as much as possible and rest when you are able as any release from the extreme mental, emotional and energetic downloads will give you release. It is as if your entire bodily system is on high alert all the time and does not have any rest unless you take it. During sleep time we help you adjust to the new frequencies as much as possible, especially if you continue to ask us to assist you in integrating these new energies. Beloved ones do not fear, you are all going through individual phases of this process. Just do your best to be and accept where you are and do not compare your evolvement to others or where they are. Everybody and every soul are different. Every one of you came in with a particular piece of the puzzle and has priorities in certain areas. So you are all integrating similar but different aspects of this energy first, second and third. It is not important in what order or synthesis you do this, it is just important that you integrate each individual part in your own timing. Some aspects will take longer for some than others, so be loving and kind towards yourselves and love, love, love your beautiful bodies and help them adjust with appreciation instead of resistance to the tiredness you may have been feeling at times. Many of you are also still assisting others on the planet, so this is of course doubly draining, so just relax as much as possible and know that all is well. Do not worry. You may be going through many emotional cycles that you just do not understand. It is all a part of the releasing and clearing. Even when you make your transcendence to the fifth you will feel drained as the debris and the clutter you have carried from your past releases cannot accompany you into the higher frequencies, and be glad that it cannot. You may feel lost for a while and in a void of emotions, a place of complete emptiness. This is also a part of the transition you are or will be going through. This phase generally takes about three months. So just chill and know that this too shall pass. When you finally arrive on the other side fully awake and integrated you will be amazed and will be so glad you were willing to let go and trust and ascend through all the difficult adjustments you have had to go through in the process. You will definitely say; “It was well worth it!” We are sure of that! Beloved ones, we now wish to talk a little bit about something else. We have been observing that many of you are feeling slightly depressed and we wish to inform you that this is also part of the journey. When life seems to come to a grinding halt and you see no future, it can feel and appear to be very depressing. You feel as if you are going nowhere the old no longer fits and the new has not yet surfaced, because you are not ready to see or even find that which is waiting for you. Depression has unfortunately played a large role in the lives of some of you, especially those who are committed to grow, evolve and change, because you have all been through so many initiations and changes to be where you are today. Your lives have not resonated with the way society, the media and life seems to work on earth for the masses, you felt as if you do not belong here, and you don’t, because you came to change the way it has been. This depression is partly your own and partly feelings you are picking up from the masses and because you are more sensitive you feel everything so intensely that at times it seems to be overwhelming, and it is.In our upcoming seminar we are going to help you release some of these dark feelings such as unworthiness, separation from the divine, hatred, anxiety, helplessness, hopelessness, feelings of being alone with no one to support you during your struggle.These dark cells were originally seeded within you as you came to earth many thousands of years ago. It was a dark seed cell that you all agreed to commit to carrying in your head, located behind your third eye. This dark seed has influenced and continues to influence most of humanity. Sue discovered this about a week ago and even sent out, to each one of you, the information from Dr. Katherine May, so that you could listen to the You Tube recording 1 and 2 and enjoy the benefits of the removal of this dark seed as well. As we know many of you have not had the time to listen to the recording so we will be guiding you in the removal of this dark cell and the vows associated with it during one of the seminars to make sure that as many of you as possible are able to reap the benefits of being free of the implications and influences this has had on all of your life times. For more information and immediate removal, please listen to the recording from Dr. Katherine E. May on You Tube.Beloved ones, our wish is to escort you all fully back into the Light, where you may live a life of joy and love filled with peace and abundance. You have felt deprived of many of these things for a long time and it has not been your fault – you have done nothing wrong. You have been battling the dark ever since you arrived on these shores, and continue to do so to this day. This has not been an easy task but soon we will be victorious, and all of these conditions and freedom for all will reign on earth. It will truly be the dawning of a new age, a new earth a new life where all may live in freedom and happiness and are no longer enslaved by the dark minions who have governed you for so long, you do not even know they are there.We love you, we adore you and we are with you all the way to your victory that is just around the corner, so keep on keeping on and don’t give up now beloved warriors of the light. 

We love you so much, blessings and adieu until next week, your loving brothers and sisters from the Inner Earth.
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