….diese Intention kann gerne auch über den 8.02.2015 hinaus aktiviert werden !!!! (Arya)



In April 2014, pro-Russian activists seized control of government buildings in towns and cities across the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of the Ukraine. This has led to an ongoing conflict between the pro-Russian rebels and the Ukraine military forces, resulting in thousands of innocent deaths. A brief cease-fire was reached in September 2014 but has since ended with a new rebel push that began at the start of the year, culminating in the capture of the Donetsk airport’s main terminal in January.

Through the power of group coherence, we are invoking divine intervention for the Ukraine. We are transmitting the light of self empowerment to the people to RISE UP into their greater potential as conscious co-creators of freedom, sovereignty and sustainable peace.

International leaders are now preparing to enter into peace talks with the Russian President, to find non-violent solutions to this Ukrainian turmoil. Our group action may serve as a timely catalyst to support this critical peacebuilding effort.


(Please use this invocation on Sunday prior to your self-guided
meditative transmission. This will greatly empower the people of the Ukraine.)

Invocation Guidelines
Through the power of group coherence and the purity of our unified heart intention, we are requesting
divine intervention to assist the people of Ukraine in their empowerment. Please voice this invocation with
full conviction and feeling prior to your meditation and then proceed to transmit the vibration of these
patterns of perfection through Unity Grid to reach the higher mental body of our Ukrainian Family. This
can be done by simply setting your intention to be used as a transmitter by the Divine Presence for the
greater good of all.
Great Spirit of all life, through your illumined Presence, we invoke the most potent divine intervening
support to come forth to assist the entire Ukrainian nation in awakening to the TRUTH of their divine
nature. Use us now as your mighty channel to transmit the streams of universal light to our beloved family
and the elemental life in this beautiful land.
Qualify this planetary service activity through perfect alignment to universal law. THY WILL BE DONE!
In the name of the Divine Presence, we call forth the light of illumination to blaze all throughout the
Ukrainian populace. Awaken and activate the citizens of Ukraine into ultimate Self-realization! Show
these dear souls that they have the power to rise UP and OUT of all limiting beliefs and egoic thought
patterns right within their very own beings! Inspire them to come together in group formation as one
unified body of love, to reflect new pathways towards goodwill, freedom sovereignty and sustainable
We call forth the Universal Cosmic Light and its assisting angels into full purifying action. We COMMAND
this light to dissolve and consume all living records of war, violence and hate empowered extremism in
the Ukraine. Uplift and sanctify this entire region and its life with the transforming power of LOVE. We call
forth wholeness and right divine action.
Universal Light Intelligence, go NOW and immediately repair all fracturing and vulnerability in the
planetary Crystalline Grid in the Ukrainian region. Empower the energy grid system so that it can firmly
connect to the heart pulse of all people living in the Ukraine. Transmit the new morphogenetic codes of
equality and divine harmony. Restore the patterns of perfection! We call forth wholeness and right divine
action. We COMMAND the Cosmic Light to go NOW and immediately deactivate the hologram of conflict and
division affecting the Ukraine. Dissolve and consume all destructive energy currents, memory fields and
frequency distortions keeping this region locked in a cycle of violence. We call forth wholeness and right
divine action.
Beloved Creator, we call into dynamic action the consummate force of Universal Will to penetrate the
hearts and minds of all Ukrainian and Russian political leaders, government officials, military factions and
decision makers. Expand this mighty radiation of light to include the members of the European Union and
the American governmental leaders. Illuminate this collective body of people with the pristine vision of
the Divine Plan, inspiring the most peaceful and loving solutions possible. MAY PEACE AND GOODWILL
We COMMAND the Universal Cosmic Light to go NOW and irradiate the consciousness of the rebel groups
and military forces instigating the violent conflict in the Ukraine. Dear God, please show them their
innocence. Shine the light of union upon these souls and help them remember WHO THEY REALLY ARE as
brilliant beings of love’s magnificence.
Angels of light, fly NOW to the side of every person affected by this turmoil. Blast them with the light of
Divine Inspiration, opening up the inner channels to receive instruction from the Supreme Intelligence.
Help them to help themselves! Show them how to see what lies beyond the reflection, beyond the outer
appearances. Also, help them see the innocence in one another, including those playing the role of
attacker, so that true salvation may occur for all parties involved. May the truth be revealed!
Great Presence, OPEN the portals of light in the Ukraine to receive the incoming streams of love’s
transforming grace. Station your legions of angels at the Ukrainian borders to ensure all interactions are
grounded in pure goodness and harmony. Keep pouring the cosmic light in through these portals until
every person in this nation remembers the perfect freedom of Divine Immanence.
May this intervention and its containing matrix be made imperishable, eternally sustained, all powerfully
active and ever expanding until the Divine Plan is fulfilled for the Ukraine.
We seal this activity in Cosmic Peace. THY WILL BE DONE!


Ukraine’s war: The human cost
5,358 people killed and 12,235 wounded in eastern Ukraine
Fatalities include 298 people on board flight MH17 shot down on 17 July
224 civilians killed in three-week period leading up to 1 February
5.2 million people estimated to be living in conflict areas
921,640 internally displaced people within Ukraine, including 136,216 children
600 000 fled to neighboring countries of whom more than 400,000 have gone to Russia
Source: Figures from UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

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