Are You Ready For A New Beginning?

Aloha Everyone,

I hope this finds you all well, happy and you are moving through all these changes with ease and grace?

In the message below Adama mentions that he would like to offer a seminar for all those interested on the internet. This came as a complete surprise to me and I am in the process of finding out how to organize this, having never actually done an online seminar before, but plenty in person!

If you are interested in joining us for a seminar, after reading his message below, please contact me so I can inform you of all the details of how often, when and the exchange and all details involved. At this moment in time I do not even know myself! Perhaps it will be a one week affair or may continue over several weeks, I have not even been given any further informations so far! I expect he is waiting to see who and how many respond!

I wish you all a wonderful week of transformational changes and look forward to hearing from you soon.

With much love, Aloha and infinite blessings,


Sue, January 17th, 2015     


Are You Ready for a New Beginning?


Beloved ones, we greet you this day and wish to inform you of the events taking place in your world unbeknownst to you! There is much severing of ties that bound you to a society that was controlled by the powers that think they be! These powers are slowly but surely being removed and replaced by the Light. The masters of the new earth will govern and replace these old outworn villains, who have over used their power and might to dominate humanity and to govern you as a slave race. Yes, this may seem shocking to some of you beloved ones, but it is true. You think you have been free, but from our perspective far from it. You have been living in the illusion of freedom of speech, and freedom to live your life as you wish, but all the while you have truly been governed and enslaved by fear. Fear to lose your job, fear of having no money, fear of not being able to pay all your bills, fear of dying, fear of commitment in relationships, fear of entanglement, fear of being ostracized and so on. The list goes on and on, you have not been free for a long, long time.


We know you recognize and are willing to acknowledge these fears, some more pronounced than others.  This so called illusion based on fear is truly an illusion. This is what people mean when they talk about the illusion. It is not real, it has just been conjured up and imagined into being by those who wish to control the masses.  In truth you are free, if you are willing to cut yourselves loose of the shackles that have held you in fear for eons.


How do we do this you ask?

We will guide you through this process to free you, once and for all from these bondages of old.

Would you like this?

Are you willing to let go of all of your fears and trust the divine essence that dwells within you?

Are you willing, for once, to truly let go and let God?


We tell you, you have absolutely nothing to fear and everything to gain. Nothing is to be gained by living in constant fear of this or that. There is no hope living in fear. It is a place of quiet, helpless and hopeless desperation, disempowering and completely unnecessary, because it is a part of the illusional dream you have lived in. Reality is when you feel alive, reality is when you feel passionate, reality is when life moves with the flow of the universe and seemingly synchronistically, almost magically. Everything just falls into place. This is living in sync with the divine flow. This is how life is supposed to be. But when you have cut yourself off from the flow of divine essence that runs through and surrounds you, you feel lost, you feel afraid, you feel alone and lost at sea. It is time for you to be found and retrieved from the little dingy you have banned yourself to in the middle of a rocky sea where you feel completely helpless and out of control – because you are!


You surrendered your infinite power, the infinite power of the divine essence that runs through each and every one of you for FEAR – false evidence appearing real! It is time beloved ones, to row that dingy to the shore, get out of that little dingy lost at sea and begin a new life, a life that you enjoy, a life that brings you happiness, love, laughter and infinite abundance. Their truly is nothing you cannot have, do or be if you are willing to take the risk and live your life fearlessly. Are you willing to at least give it a try and see how it feels to finally be in your power?


No one has actually ever held you in this place. You are not a victim of this situation. You chose to believe the lies that have been fed and programmed into you over time, and in the process forgot who you were and why you are here. You are here to be the masters that you are. You are here to live a life of joy and happiness. You are here to help those less fortunate than yourselves and help empower them. You are here to be the divine in action in the physical. You are here to bring this whole illusionary dream to an end and to begin living life to the full.


Are you ready beloved ones, for we are ready and waiting to escort you to the shore? If you are, follow our lead, listen to our transmissions and we will guide you back to the life you were always supposed to live and will live once again. It is time to let go of the shackles of the past; time to let go of feeling like the victims of society; time to let go of being the poor me and blaming others for your demise. It is time to take full responsibility for your own actions, for your own situation, and stop putting the blame onto someone else. No one is to blame except yourself, and in truth you are innocent because you bought into the illusion of fear and now it is time to wake up from this illusion and claim back your divine power, wisdom and knowledge and to live this on a daily basis.


Imagine what life will be like when everyone is living their power through love. Everybody will be in sync with the energy that creates worlds. Everybody will always be in the right place at the right time. There will be no missing the boat. Everything will always unfold as it was meant to in the flow and synchronistically in alignment with their destiny.  These are exciting times beloved ones if you are willing to let go of the patterns of old and finally move onward and upward onto the shore of a new world where everyone lives from their hearts in peace and harmony. Everyone takes full responsibility for their own actions and blames no one else for their demise. When this is the case, and it will be, for this is the only way that you can exist and live on the new earth.


In truth you are not going anywhere, just creating a new reality to replace the old, a much better one governed by your own divine selves instead of by fear. You are creating a love, trust and fearless society based on love, peace, harmony and abundance for all instead of fear and poverty for all except the astute few!


It is time to change your reality. Are you ready? Then join us for our seminar that will be shared on the internet for all to see. Join us and be free from the shackles that have bound you. It is time!


(Full details will be released as soon as the appropriate arrangements have been made.)


Adieu beloved ones. We love you, we embrace you and we share our wisdom and insights with you from the depths of our souls. We are accompanying you to the other side, to the shore of the new earth. Please join us.


Your beloved brother and friend Jesus, the Christed One, with Adama and your brothers from the Inner Earth.


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