January 25-February 1, 2015

Beloved Ones,

Many of you are finding the adage “know thyself” as a common theme that is shared by all at this time in one form or another. The fine tuning and recalibrating is still taking place and now you look ever more closely within yourselves to look at all the patterns you have played out throughout your lifetime and are now willing to face self in all its many facets. You are willing to take full responsibility for all that has shown up in your lives. You know you are the one who first created the experience in order to bring this pattern to the surface as that which has limited you in your forward movement and which needs to be transmuted and released. Open your hearts wider to this experience and be willing to see the beauty of the gift it has given you. It has brought you freedom from self imposed suffering and has assisted you to move beyond former limitations, sometimes in unexpected and totally surprising ways.

You now look at how you may further allow the unfolding of your greater perceptions, seeing your life and the events in it from the perspective of your divine self. You see the dramas playing out around you and lovingly detach from them. You realize that there are always cycles, ebbs and flows in the patterns that are unfolding. You resolve to work in harmony with these energies rather than resisting the gifts of awareness that they bring. You are being moved on the path towards greatness of spirit and creativity that has always resided within you. Your new beginnings beckon with infinite possibilities and there is a sense of impeding magic in the air, a sense of something wonderful that is soon to come into view. As you move towards the manifestation of your dreams, you are also shining the light that you are as a beacon of hope for others and are uplifting the energies for the collective.

As you hold the higher ground that you have claimed as your own, you inspire and uplift the people in your sphere of influence. Know that you are perceived from a place of respect and admiration now. The flow of the river of life is sweet and joyous and you experience many more moments of sublime bliss as you daily go within to the core of your divine self. You look to the light to conquer and transmute your thoughts as they come in your spiritual practices and thus gain many new insights and wisdom through this experience. As you connect to the higher version of your self, you strive to make it even more beautiful and significant and in so doing, you ignite the light in the hearts of others.

Always trust in your powers of perception and intuition. Following this guidance will steer you in the direction of your highest and greatest good. You will stay in the flow of the beneficent energies of the universe which will unerringly put you on the path of divine and right timing, and everything in your life will work out well. Connecting daily with your divine self brings in its power, beauty and majesty. The puzzle pieces of your life to the present now come together in exciting and magical ways to create the reality you have been seeking.

The adventure of many lifetimes now stretches before you and you know that you have the tools necessary to make it count. You have everything that you need within you and you move onto the next step of your spiritual journey with confidence, grace and ease. By staying present in each moment, you are led unerringly to achieve your highest good in the manifestation of your most heartfelt desires. The road to mastery of self becomes easier because of your willingness to own all of your experiences as an integral part of it.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion


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