The Time is Now – Bring Forth Your Inspired Ideas and Projects


January 8th, 2015

Beloved ones we greet you this day with much excitement and news! There have been many unexpected changes in the developments of your earth and society in general. Your efforts of the past twenty years have had a huge impact on the general population. Even though to your eyes it may seem as if nothing has changed we assure you that, in the hearts and minds of humanity at large, society is changing at a rapid pace.


It is time to introduce your ideas and the projects you have been holding in your hearts for the past twenty years. It is time to introduce the hungry populace to the ideas and possibilities you have envisioned. They are ready and awaiting your assistance and guidance on how they too can make a difference in your world.  It is not so much a matter of how you do this but when. The time is ripe, and we urge you all to make the necessary moves, guided of course by your own divine selves, as to whom to talk to and approach with these ideas.  There has never been a time more potent with new ideas than this. You have all been speculating for so long that the pot is about to boil over, and we ask you to allow the contents of your particular pot to be shared with those around you in whatever way and with whatever means you have at your disposal. Ask for inspiration on how to get started and the inspiration will come.


You have a been on hold for so long you began to wonder if your ideas were not just truly pie in the sky and we tell you, NO they are not delusional. They were divinely inspired, and you have been nourishing these seeds in your heart for a long time to allow them to flourish on another plane of consciousness so that you could implement them into your reality now. Yes, NOW is the time to begin these long awaited projects of old that you thought would never come about. There is an urgency in our message because the world is ready to hear what you have to say. Everyone is looking for solutions and you may have the solutions they are looking for! Harbor these truths no longer for yourselves, share them and see who resonates and has some ideas and is inspired to join forces with you. All will fall into place. Do not be afraid. It is time to begin these projects of old and start anew. You are the way showers, and we ask you to now take action and begin what we showed you long ago. It is time. Ask and you shall receive all the divine assistance you need to enable everything to flow and be followed through with ease and divine grace. These ideas that you thought would never come to fruition are about to be born physically into this new realm of consciousness.


Do not be afraid, for nothing can manifest in this higher consciousness that is not for the highest good of all. It will simply fall away and cannot exist, so fear not to make the same mistakes again as this will not be possible. Everything that will work will evolve and anything that is not of the highest frequency will not.


These ideas need to be implemented in a very grounded and practical way. No airy fairy, spiritual nonsense should be involved. Honesty, purity and clarity are important, goodness and purity of heart are essential. Everyone who resonates with your project will have a piece of the puzzle. These projects are to be joint efforts. Each one will have their area of expertise, and please allow those people to flourish in their particular area. You will have yours and they will have theirs. You, alone, could never bring about the enormity of these projects. You need a qualified team of united souls who have the same vision. Allow each person to fulfill their part and it will unfold with more ease and so much divine grace than you could possibly even imagine – and we mean everything!


So, beloved ones, be courageous and make your move. Share your ideas with others as guided now by the heavens. We love you, we adore you and we urge you to trust our words and yourselves. Pray about this and you will individually be shown what your next step is and how to move forward with your project. You cannot fail unless it is not in alignment with the highest good for all, and what is not in alignment will be corrected and then moved in the appropriate direction. These projects are divinely inspired in preparation for this time of restructuring and rebuilding the way everything works upon your earth. It is time beloved ones, fear not, be courageous and take the necessary steps that you are guided to take and you will be amazed at how easily all the pieces of the puzzle come together as the time is NOW!


Call on our assistance to continue to guide you through this process. It will be the most exciting time in your life and the moment you have all been waiting for.  So act when you feel it is right for you and trust in the divine unfolding of this wondrous plan orchestrated from the heavens where we have a bird’s eye view of the entire situation prevailing upon your earth. You only have a very limited view and only hear the awful news you see on television or read in your newspapers. You really have no idea what is going on behind the scenes, but we do and we tell you now is the time!


We wish you all the courage, guidance, the integrity and wisdom to know who to speak to and when to take action. Good luck my beloved warriors of Light. My warriors of old you have waited a long time for this moment and now it has arrived.


Blessings to each one of you God speed and adieu until we meet again,

Your beloved brethren from the heavens who watch over you constantly and monitor your progress.


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