Published on Aug 2, 2017

The Heat is On, August 2017 Forecast
August 2, 2017
by Emmanuel Dagher

This Article:…


Published on Aug 2, 2017

August Gateway, Massive Activation of the Crystalline Grid
August 1, 2017
by Sandra Walter


Published on Jun 29, 2017

Blessings Beloveds ~ This is a complex topic of conversation, be responsible and read the supportive articles. The intention is to reach Lightworkers who connect via youtube. More & more Wayshowers are confirming the intel received in December 2016 about a timeline split, and it is wonderful. Let us unify to reveal the New Earth experience for all concerned. Weekly articles about these unfoldments and upcoming Gateways at Intel Links below. 

Join us every SUNday for the Unity meditations:…

Light Intel articles:

Eclipse maps by Nasa
and Fred Espenak…

Ascension Path online class:…


Published on Aug 1, 2017



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